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Dec 7, 2005
  1. Hi everybody!,
    I have problem :
    I downloaded Need For Speed Mos Wanted, and when I click Install in AutoRun and write the code, I got the message like that "You need to update DirectX to 9.0c or newest".. something about that...
    But on my computer is DirectX 9.0c ! I updated it, but the same message is showing...
    Why? :confused:
  2. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

    well first of all i find it quite unsensitive from you to write that you downloaded the game.. i dont know if u paid for it and im no better myself in at least some cases. but in any public board you could at least try to make an effort.. and just tell any1 what you did.. and what you didnt.

    its also question of respect towards the people running this board.

    second: "illegal" games r not always running as an original game would do.

    and third: i had myself a similar problem once. i think it was win2k though but there have been several issues on the net. i had to solve my problem by downloading both direct x 9.0b AND c. the next step was to take 2 specific files from the 9.0b folder and paste/overwrite it into the 9.0c setup folder. then it finally recognised 9.0c correctly.

    i am not sure if this will solve your problem but it would be a good try to search on the net. you should find it quite easily with my given explanation.

    and try to keep in mind what ive told in the first part.

    good luck.
  3. `ToX`

    `ToX` TS Rookie Topic Starter


    So I should to install 9.0b , then 9.0c ? huh..?
  4. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47


    use the ****ing search engine...

    last step: run install from modified 9.0c folder (with the 2 9.0b files)
  5. `ToX`

    `ToX` TS Rookie Topic Starter


    but what files i should change with 9.0b , in 9.0c folder??
  6. osram

    osram TS Rookie Posts: 47

    man you are one lucky bastard.

    if i hadnt got anything to do at my job today.. i wouldnt be looking through google for you if you could have done it yourself.

    1. copy the 9.0c directx installer folder from the BF2 disk onto the hard drive;
    2. copy the 9.0 directx installer folder from my other game onto the hard drive;
    3. copy all the files from the 9.0 directx folder that didnt end in ".cab" into the 9.0c folder, overwritting as I go (this was pretty much the setup proggie and some dlls);

    ignore the BF2 stuff.. you just need to download dx9.0b and dx9.0c and have them ready in 2 separate folders...

    try to copy the files mentioned in the procedure above from 9.0b to 9.0c (overwrite) and then install from the 9.0c.

    im not sure if it is the same as i did about a year ago to make 9.0c being recognized properly. but its worth a try.

    is the error about missing 9.0c only with NFS most wanted or also with other games that REQUIRE 9.0c?

    btw: i wouldnt use any of those dx-removers as mentioned on many boards.. ive read stories about removing dx can cause severe problems.. i would never try to remove dx personally.

    good luck.



    now simply run the dx installation from the 9.0c folder.

    okay that should be clearer... i think thats what i did.

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