Problems with 91.31 nvidian driver and FX5200 card

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Jul 4, 2006
  1. I am experiencing problems after updating my nvidia Forceware driver. I upgraded the driver to 91.31 and videos ceased to play: Windows Media Player, Winamp, and Cinematograph would not play any type of file (although Winamp would play the audio portion). Normal desktop display is fine. Winamp displayed a black screen, the other two a strange array of blurred colors, but no motion. I tried turing off the color temperature setting, as suggested on another tech site, but that was no help. I also installed the Beta driver, 91.33; no improvement. I tried the next oldest driver I could find on the Nvidia site, which was 84.21. I also updated my divx codecs and DirectX 9.0c. Still no luck. I know the Nvidia driver is the culprit, though, because when I uninstall it (and run the card with NO driver, save what WinXP can provide), the videos play fine in all apps. Go figure. Please let me know if any other solutions have been found, and if the 91.28 driver is available anywhere for download.

    I was very careful to uninstall earlier versions before installing new ones, and to disable my virus scanner before installing.

    My card is a GeForce FX5200, 128 mb BIOS v4. AGP card.

    Thanks much for any help anyone can offer.

  2. wolfram

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    You can find the 91.28 driver HERE . Its a beta driver, it may work properly, it may not.

    What driver were you using previously? You can revert to it. Nothing bad will happen.
    Good luck!!
  3. Tedster

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    I have 8.98 with an FX5500 card and it's been very stable. I know you have a 5200 give it a try.
  4. tigerdg

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    Yes, I would revert back to the old drivers, but the 91.31 instructions said to uninstall all old versions before installing the update, which I did. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup copy, and I'm not even certain which release it was. I tried the 91.28 driver, (thanks for the link!) but still no luck.


    What is 8.98? I don't see a drive with that version on the nvidia site. Can you give me a link?

    Any other ideas? Thanks very much for taking the time to help me!

  5. tigerdg

    tigerdg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, I got this figured out. I reinstalled v91.33 beta. Then I ran msconfig and shut down all non-Microsoft services and everything in the startup menu. Upon reboot, all videos played perfectly, so I knew it wasn't the driver, but some application loading on bootup that was interfering. I then began the process of starting up applications, a few at a time, until the videos stopped working. The culprit was a program called Process Guard, that is supposed to prevent unwanted applications from loading and running.

    I uninstalled Process Guard and the problem is gone.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help!

  6. Tedster

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    whoops typo- 81.98

    They're on the NVIDIA site.
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