Problems with Audigy

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Mar 8, 2006
  1. I bought the soundblaster Audigy 2 a couple months ago and can't get it to perform correctly in that I get no playback audio at all. Also when using the Adobe audition program to record, I get no input readings since I disabled the built in sound board that I was told to disable. What's going on here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jerome
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    Did you uninstall the onboard sound software before installing the audigy?
  3. JeromeJ

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    Problem with audigy

    I uninstalled the on board sound card after i installed the audigy. I actually had it working at one point, but now it's all jacked up. I have c-Media on the computer, but after uninstalling that, my adobe audition will not even play at all no matter what file I open. I'm confused!
  4. SOcRatEs

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    What are your system specs?
    What MoBo?
    Maybe getting the latest chip set drivers will help sort it out.
    Consider updating your sound software to latest ver. or patches

  5. JeromeJ

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    audigy problem

    I have 1.73 GHz...224Mb RAM with an AMD Athlon processor. What's The MoBo? Forgive me, I'm not up on the lingo yet. Should I have left the C-Media deal installed? That's where I started having problems with my Adobe audition not wanting to play at all. When I had it working earlier yesterday I was getting this "Squelchy" constant tone. Not sure where that's coming from.
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