Problems with Battlefield 2 Multiplayer

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Hey I just recently bought Battlefeild 2, and I have the 7600 GeForce video card instialled, the single player works fine, but the Multiplayer is where I have the problem, three things happen 1) Once the loading bar is complet the computer frezes up (right before you join the game), 2) the loading bar will be complet and then I'll click join game, right after that it will go back to the loading menu where you can chose your server and then a popup will show saying somthing like please check your internet connection, or internet connection failed to reach server, i dont remeber exactily what it was but somthing similar to that, 3) I'll be playing the game and then it will start I'll be playing, then the game will be skiping and it will be really slow then it will go bac to the main menu and a popup will show again saying please check your internet connection or internet connection failed to reach server. One of these three problems happen every time I get on multiplayer for battlefield 2, but single player works like there is nothing wrong.....

I have a basic HP media center PC modle number HP media center PCm7160n, the only extra thing I have in my computer is the 7600 GeForce graphic card. Also when you think you might find a solution plz walk me through every step because I am not a big experit on computers. Thanks
What speed is your internet connection.?
What does the popup EXACTLY state?
What firewall an AntiVirus software are you running?
all i kno bout my connection is that it is DSL comcast cable

the i dont know what the pop up exactly states because now all it dose is exit out back to the desktop

the anti virus system i have is EZ Antivirus system, the fire wall is the basic windows XP service pack fire wall
Make sure you have Battlefield 2 allowed access to pass your firewall.

Control Panel > Windows Security Center.

On the bottom click Firewall, then go to "Exceptions" make sure battlefield 2 is there and checked.

Also if you use a router, your game manual will tell you what ports you need open.
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