problems with DirectX 9

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for some reason, while installing DirectX 9, it says it has not passed windows xp logo testing and didnt copy a required file and says the installation failed...

why does it keep doing that, i last heard disable AV software but i dont know what that means or how to do it.

can anyone help?


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It Sounds like you need to disable any Anti Virus software that you may have running in the background. eg norton AV etc.....

Normally right clicking on the icon will give you the option to disable.

Ps Dont forget to re-enable it afterwards. :)
what version of directx are you currently using? try uninstalling it, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and with End Task, close every program on the list except Explorer and Systray. Second, try to install the DirectX 9b.
Applied suggestions to no avail

I removed DirectX 8.1 from my computer and even removed registry entries. I stopped all tasks except for the ones you suggested. I no longer have any Directx and yet 9.0 still does not install. It "did not copy a required file" and then fails installation. I am not running any Norton software (which I heard can cause problems). I have tried microsoft newsgroup, etc. but have yet to find a solution. I may have to buy XP or initialize my ME and see if that works. Let me know if you have any further suggestions. Thanks for your time.
what video card are you using? NVIDIA TNT2? are all your drivers working correctly, have a look in device manager to see if you have any probs, you may have a corrupt video driver dll file.
Video Card

I recently installed an NVIDIA Geforce 4 MX 440 video card, which was from a new OEM computer. I had to go to NVIDIA's website to download the driver. I will try troubleshooting in device manager, as you suggested. I think there is a .dll conflict, as you suggest. Maybe I could use my old card, try installing DirectX 9.0 and then put the new NVIDIA card back. Do you think that might help? I appreciate the help.
No success

I removed the new NVIDIA card (TNT) and replaced it with my original card. I deleted the NVIDIA display adapter in the device manager. I think that removed the driver, although installation of Directx 9 still fails. My wife was able to install it on her Windows 98 laptop. Unless you can think of anything else, it looks like DirectX 9 will never install.
I have the exact same problem with directx9 installing. I'm running windows xp, I have an nvidia tnt 2 graphics card. I'm using the US english driver from

I went to the linked microsoft support pages and completed all steps, with exception of method 7. I am still searching for a command-line command to extract directx ..
I found the solution to my problem, which is probably different than the one you're having. I know there are more Windows XP fixes for this than there are Windows ME, which is what I am using.

Go here for some help:

or here:

or here:;en-us;822798

or here (good one):

and here is the one I used:;action=display;num=1066254637
I currently downloaded moh pacific assault mp demo and I tryed playing it it said i needed a video card that supported directx 8.1 which i dont knwo if i had that version of direct x but i have a nvidia geforce4 mx graphics and im posotive that supports it but i downloaded directx 9.0 just to see if thatowuld work but the same message comes up. and i already went to start > run >dxdiag and it says i im using directx 9.0 Someone help me out plz.


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I looked at your specs for your card on:

It says it is fully directx 8.1 compatible, but, as I was told with my geforce2mx that doesn't mean it is directx 8.1 capable. Having said that I am not sure if it is capable of rendering directx 8.1 fully and that could be the problem. Try making sure that you have the latest drivers for your card from:

or better yet get the Omega drivers (which are optimized Nvidia drivers) from:

I highly recommend the Omega Drivers as I have seen an increase in fps on my pitiful geforce 2mx

Which version of Windows are you using? If you are using XP - download SP2 and it contains DirectX 9.0c.

or go to:

to download DirectX from the DirectX site.

I hope this helps. You may go and post a thread at Hardware & Tweaking under Video cards and see if anyone can help further.
Try these steps mate :)

1. Delete the folder CatRoot2 from C:\Windows\System32 (if Windows XP) or
C:\WINNT\System32 (if Windows 2000).
2.The DirectX folder under C:\Windows\System32 (if Windows XP) or
C:\WINNT\System32 (if Windows 2000).
3. The {44BBA855-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C} folder under
C:\WINDOWS\RegisteredPackages (if Windows XP) or
C:\WINNT\RegisteredPackages (if Windows 2000).

Try the installation of DirectX and it will succeed
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