Problems with DualView setup & a 19" monitor

By Didou
Jun 28, 2002
  1. Here are the specs :

    ASUS A7V266-E / KT266a ( BIOS 1008 Beta 1 )
    AthlonXP 1700+
    512mb PC2100 Samsung DDRam
    Hercules GF3 TI200 ( Det 29.42 )
    Matrox Millenium II Pci ( Drivers 533, latest ones )
    Sony Trinitron 17" ( on the PCI card )
    LG 19" 995FT ( on the AGP card )

    Win2K SP2 / Win98SE

    Here are the technical specs for the 19" ->

    As you can see, it can do 1280*1024 @ 85hz & 1600*1200 @ 75 yet Win2K only allows to go to 1280*1024 as max resolution & at that resolution it only allows me to choose 60hz.:dead:

    I booted W98, & there I can choose all the supported resolutions without a problem.

    The only difference between 98 & 2K is that I don't have the matrox card installed in 98. I tryed disabling it in 2K & rebooting but I still can't go higher then 1280*1024 @ 60hz.

    The monitor came with a CD & upon installing the monitor 2K did detect a new one so I installed the correct drivers.

    I tryed installing new drivers found on the website but no differences there.

    Any ideas ?
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Topic Starter Posts: 4,274

    /me hangs his head in shame...

    Uninstalling nVIDIA drivers & reinstalling them did the work...

    Please forget this thread ;)
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