Problems with geforce 2?

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Feb 26, 2005
  1. Why do ea sports games not really work on my geforce, but just ea games do?
  2. HughJass

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    i have a gf2 as well, mx400 64mb to be exact, and i hate it, but im thinking the answer to your question is that the sports games are not as big so they compensate by trying to make good quality graphics (also everyone wants high realism when playing sport games such as racing car games), but with other games such as the bf series they have to concerntrate more on other things such as balance, anti cheat, all that sorta stuff.

    its weird, i can play hl2 with high texture and other stuff, but i get lag on bfv on low EVERY THING eg 640*480 (i think thats the one, i dont no the ratios all to well)
  3. shadow_29

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    hey all EA games dont hate the geforce 2,it's only a co-incidence if you've been having problem with ea games only.if you want help than you might consider posting hte error message you get on the game or what's your issue like fps cont on what settings?.I can personally vouch for geforce2 mx400 is a good card but you'll also have to consider that it's atleast 3-4 years old,do you have any idea how long that is in video card world.I saw hl2 running on mx 400 andit ran fine with all the medium-high settings and effects an it still ran smoothly at 800x600 and 1024x768,so it might be an issue with your other peripherals like cpu and ram,maybe there is bottlenecking somewhere.
  4. gasstronamicle

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    lol. ofcourse hl2 ran fine HALF LIFE 2 IS DX 7,DX8,8.1, AND 9. the gefroce 2mx is detected as a dx7 card thats why its playable. and on medium-high settings is nothing like a dx9 low setting. i personally had a gefroce 2mx they are getting outdated and barely run anything. best thing to do is ocnsider a upgrade you can find a rdaeon 9800 for 60-100 dollars.
    if you are intent on fixing the problem downlaod the latest drivers, patch the games if aviable. and do post the error
  5. shadow_29

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    hey gastronomical ........first of all I considered that as a given that hl2 ran smoothly on older cards as well and reconfig itself depending on the direct x version.if you remeber it was originally designed as a direct x 7 game running on pIII 700 but that was before the whole code theft fiasco and a whole year delay.since this guy and i were talking about the exact same card they both were running on the same direct x version UNLESS he modified the config file to run it at direct x 9 or you know something that i dont.for a card as old as 3-4 years...that performance is very respectable.

    also where in the hells name have you seen a new radeon 9800 pro for 60-100$............can you please tell me so i can also get a couple.
  6. gasstronamicle

    gasstronamicle TS Rookie Posts: 44

    i was stating that the dx performance is going to be respectable because it is a dx7 card it deosnt take the performance hit so badly, as for instance a fx5900 when running dx9 takes a 40% performance hit. the gefroce 2mx isnt meant to be a high end gmaing video card, and it cant handle dx 8,8.1 or 9. which most new games require. the geforce 2mx was sold for aprox 100-200 dollars which is in mainstream. and saying that "this card hl2 fine" isnt saying much since hl2 was designed to be dx7 then as the thing got delayed more code was added and updated. my tnt2 ran hl2 fine. :)
    and you can find a radoen 9800 on ebay brand new for 100.
  7. shadow_29

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  8. gasstronamicle

    gasstronamicle TS Rookie Posts: 44

    i meant that the geforce 2mx was meant to be high end gaming at the time of its release. the geforce 2 ti was the gamers choice at the time.
  9. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    well sorry should have said was'nt instead of isnt.
  10. ggootjes

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    i do have dx9 on it. it works fine with other dx9 games like nfsu2. i don't get an error message either, it just flicks in and out of the game. i looked in the troubleshooting thing, and i think i know what the problem is. it says some of the new drivers can cause games to do this. so im gonna look for an older driver or a newer one.
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