problems with geforce 5200 and sony wega

By ndokken
Feb 25, 2005
  1. I recently purchased a sony wega 47" which I was told by a sales associatie that it had DVI. Well It doesn't have DVI so I called the place where I purchased it and said I felt misled. So the store manager gave me a DVI to HDMI cable (which my tv has). So I download the new driver from nvidia and it recognizes my tv. However, I cant see the top, the bottom or the sides. I tried adjusting the resolutions and well they work but flickers rapidly. Thats not going to work. I downloaded PowerStrip and have been playin gwith it for like an hour and a half now and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? This is very frustrating puke:
  2. UnluckyNelson

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    Your answer is in changing the resolutions... but not in the standard display properties...

    A flickering would usualy suggest a too high frequency for the monitor too handle soooo go to:

    control panel/display properties/settings/advanced/adapter/list all modes...

    Set it to something like 640x480, 60hz or a combination that works for you.

    Hit me back, if you still have the same problem...
    Good luck...
  3. ndokken

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    I tried that resolution on my TV. It is too large for the tv. I couldn't even see the desktop icons. I know there is a way, there has to be. Whats really weird though is that S-Video works great, but not that great. The only resolutions that fit on the TV make the screen "shake" and is unreadable. Any other ideas? In case people are wondering I am going give a little specifications. The TV I am connecting it to is a 46" Sony Wega with HDMI in. I have an Emachines computer running Windows XP Home and I have an ATI tuner capture card for TV and I have, like on the topic a Geforce FX 5200 with both S-video and DVI out. Right now I have it connected by a monster cable DVI-HDMI that I got for free since the place I bought it from lied to me and said the TV has DVI in which it does not. Would I have like better luck with maybe another operating system such as linux? Any other ideas and recommendations would be very helpful...thank you.
  4. ndokken

    ndokken TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I had finally got it to work. I downloaded a different driver from nivdia and I was playing around with the display properities that nvidia has. And I changed the resolution to 720p and I had it set so that the picture woudl fit on the screen instead of the HDTV's native resolution. Now its much better. And I didn't even have to have powerstrip on my computer either.
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