Problems with Hard drive- alot of missing storage

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Jun 13, 2006
  1. Ok so heres my problem. I had my computer connected to my tv through my graphics card. It worked perfectly, but when I rebooted my computer after removing the av cords my windows boot was destroyed and the NTLR was missing. I tried windows repair, but it didnt help. Now I was running a 200gb hard drive, but it only showed up as 189gb when I first installed it, I dont know why but I didnt care, but after I reformatted the hard drive with a win98 disk, then again with an xp disk it only showed up as 127gb. The hard drive is working well but thats alot of missing storage. As my processor is yet to be updated, Im pretty sure thats the reason for the initial crash. But Im at a loss when Im trying to revive my hard drive.
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    The Windows 98/98SE 64GB barrier is not a limitation of the operating system at all. Rather, the barrier is caused by the Microsoft disk setup tools, FDISK.EXE and FORMAT.COM.

    Additionally, Windows 98SE has a default limitation of 137GB for ATA interface disc drives. Theoretically, you could then partition your boot drive for 137GB, but a limitation of the Microsoft SCANDISK and DEFRAG programs reduces the practical size to 127GB.

    So with this use the windows XP to format the drive
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    The reason I used a win98 disk to format the drive was to wipe it clean, and I was told that it would do that. I normally use a kill disk but I figured I'd try the win98 disk. And the problem is that I formatted the drive with a winxp cd right after I formatted it with the win98 disk. Should I use the kill disk and reformat again? Thanks for your help.
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    Yes you should use kill disk and reformat with the windows XP disc
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    Windows defines 1gb as 1024MB, whilst your harddrive manufacturer states it as 1000MB

    this is why your hard drive seems smaller than it is.


  6. havoc

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    Yeah I wiped the hard drive with the kill disk and reformatted it with an xp disc and it seems to be working fine now and I have all of my Gbs :)
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    Good to hear its solved, but for those still curious...
    It is actualy the maximum size (200Gb) of bits in the hdd. But whats misleading is that a portion of those bits are reserved for the MBR, FATs and marked sections that are not useable and other little things... That is why you see 189Gb instead of the full amount..

    The 127Gb you see is sometimes due to the ristrictions windows puts like TypeX45 mentions.. But this is fixed (most of the time) by updating to SP2, which has support for "large disk support" or 127+Gb partitions/sizes. Otherwise a patch or reg fix can be applied..
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