problems with Moh and the Logitech ifeel mouse

By Honourableprawn
Apr 6, 2002
  1. Hey guys,

    Need a bit of help here,

    After 2 years of faithful service my MS Intellimouse optical finaly gave up the battle and died after firing many countless bullets, laser bolts and the like.

    I've now replaced it with a new Logitech iFeel Mouseman and since installing the latest MOH:AA patch the bloody game won't boot!!!! :(

    My system specs are down below and I'm running full OEM version o fXP Pro. The game itself will play unpatched, but that's no good for ol gaming. When the game boots after it's been patched Task Manager just says it ain't responsing no more, :mad:

    I've reinstalled, patched, rebooted sooooo many times and everytime I get the same result, anybody any ideas?

    I've the latest Logitech XP drivers installed and the system has just has a full reformat so I know there are no remnant drivers from the intellimouse kicking about.

    All suggestions are greatfully received........

    The Prawn:grinthumb
  2. Demiurg

    Demiurg TS Rookie Posts: 85

    Hi, I found this thread on PlanetMedalOf Honor's forums. Seems like quite a few have the same problem.

    "I had the same problem with my logitech mouse, I simply uninstalled their drivers and used microsoft's drivers (drivers with the OS) and it works fine."

    "After installing patch v1.11, go into your Medal of Honor directory. From there enter the "main" folder. Rename "ffx86.dll" to "ffx86.bak". When they release a new patch eventually, I'd recommend renaming the file back to it's original name in case there is any changes made to the file that would fix the problem.
    Essentially this solution will eliminate force feedback support. It might be possible to use the v1.10 ffx86.dll in v1.11 and actually have force feedback support without the gray screen.... But I'm not going to bother with that."

    Hopefully the next patch will fix this, but until then you might want to try one of these solutions.
  3. Honourableprawn

    Honourableprawn TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45


    Cheers, Demiurg

    The force feedback seems to be the problem, just removed the drivers and went with the xp standard and it seems fine, here's hoping there's a patch to fix it before long........

    The Prawn:grinthumb
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