Problems with my Inspire 5300

By MarkyMark1988
Feb 14, 2006
  1. Hey

    Since 1 day i have some problems with speakers,and they worked perfectly before.

    The problem is that i have to change my wires every time when i want to plug in my Headset and then all my settings get deleted.

    So when i wanted to plug in my speakers again, only my rear speakers worked,

    I have 3 ports on teh back, a pink,green and a blue one.
    I do black wire in the green port,green in blue and pink in pink what SoundMax said, and worked before i plugged my headset in.

    I also tested all my speakers if they were broken but they arent only my rear gives music/sound of games/movies

    When all my speakers worked 6 or 4 speakers worked, My center, and 2 Front/Rear.

    I also checked other topics but i couldnt find the match with the problem i have so can anyone help me please with this problem..

    Thank you,
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