Problems with my PNY 8600gt video card

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Oct 22, 2007
  1. I dont know if you could call it a problem but I got a PNY 8600gt video card and went to play my favorite game Battlefield 1942. Everything looked great except the words/messages were cloudy or just not very visible when the words were behind a blue screen (blue sky). I've tried everything from getting all the latest patches and downloads for both the graphics card and game. I've messed with the color settings, quality and performance to no avail:(
    I dont have this problem with other games just this one. Wondering if SLi would clean it up my mobo has sli tech. its a Asus p5wd2 premium and I am running 3.2 dual core extreme edition with 2 gigs of corsair ddr2 6400 dhx memory. My operating system is windows xp professional.
    Anyone have the same problem or know of some other ways to fix?
    thanks for your time,
  2. fimbles

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    I get a similar effect when playing on low resolution. Have you adjusted this?
  3. shosho71

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    how would I change the resolution?
  4. fimbles

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    Sorry for the delay.. you can change this in game, usually in video options try it on a higher setting eg 1024x768.

    Presuming of course your pc dosent select that one or higher by default :p
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    It's probably a driver issue. You can't do anything except wait for better drivers to release. Or you could try third-party drivers like those from Omega and DNA.
  6. maggottfarm808

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    Severe problem with PNY 8600GT 256MB

    My computer itself is an HP, and it has an onboard nVidia 6150LE, 2 gigs ram, 2.7 ghz athlon 64x2 i believe, and my power supply is around the 500 watt range.

    I upgraded to this card, and experience very heavy issues, mainly the glitch. Everything runs beautifully, looks incredible, BUT randomly (95% of the time within 3-5 minutes of game start on ANY game OR video, dvd, even youtube) it will glitch so bad you have to manually restart the machine.

    Upon removing the card all problems ceased, however I just got fallout 3 and, waiting 7 years for the game (yes since Van Buren LMAO) had to re-install. Sometimes the game will run well for an hour or 2, but the glitch ALWAYS creeps up.

    The screen distorts, with multiple fractured lines across the screen, sometimes coding will pop up, and the sound that emanates through the speakers. . . If anyone has seen The Matrix, when Neo takes the pill and the "liquid metal" mirror crap goes down his throat and distorts his scream, that's exactly what it sounds like, loud hum and buzz.

    Would getting a different, maybe weaker card (potentially 7 series i DO NOT CARE) solve the problem? The drivers are all good and as far as I'm aware this is a very unique issue.

    If anyone has any idea on how to solve this problem please let me know, hell, I'll even name my first kid after your username. TYVM for reading my long message of a faulty PC doom.
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