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Problems with new ATI Radeon 1650 PRO

By Agent Ify ยท 8 replies
Mar 12, 2007
  1. Hey,

    My friend just purchased a new ATI Radeon 1650 Pro 512mb GFX card. Last week I went over and put it in and ran a couple tests and everything was grand. Last weekend he starting having this issue with his card. These little scratches that looked kinda like tearing would appear on his screen whenever he ran a 3d program. I of course checked the VSync and stuff and nothing seemed wrong with it. A few days later it got so bad that the game would lock up within about 20 seconds of getting into any game.

    I then thought hey maybe the card is overheating or something. So I installed ATI tool and underclocked the card's memory. Its now running at about 600mhz core and 280 mhz memory.

    Is the card bad? It shows video and such fine its just when it goes into the game that it is bad unless I specifically underclock the memory. Later this week I am going to try the card in my own pc to see if it runs right. Maybe the motherboard isnt compatible with the powerful card or something I dont know.

    Any ideas would be appricated,
  2. caulodren

    caulodren TS Rookie


    Well, at least i know i'm not alone. I thought the graphics card was broken, but know atleast its probably not. Exactly the same happened to you as it did to me. It was working fine at first, then the display went all bad. It works fine but when required to draw, my whole os becomes unstable. I keep on getting a message asking me to disable the device and ask for updated drivers, which are updated. I think radeon must listen to these messages because there is something wrong with this graphics card. The bus i have is 1066, Quad core and the psu 600w so its more than powerfull enough. If i find out what it is i'll post it here.

    Regards Dale Stevenson
  3. caulodren

    caulodren TS Rookie

    Problem solved: Solution

    I managed to solve the crashes, i just reverted back to my nvidia geforce fx5500 256mb ddr 400mhz. Guess what, no more system chrashes, no more having to format my hard drive anymore.
    I think as a rule of thumb, always buy exactly the same ddr type and memory speed graphics card as the motherboard supports. There are so many people that falsly believe that graphics card memory type has nothing to do with motherboard, well if it didn't, we wouldn't be suffering from all these crashes would we now?. Thats the rule i believe in and have had no proplems at all, going by this rule will stop headaches, updating drivers. People even accuse companies of creating crap drivers, maybe its time to buy the memory type actually supported by the motherboard, and there shall be no trouble.
    Hope this helps
    Dale Stevenson
  4. Acclamator

    Acclamator TS Rookie Posts: 257

    The memory on the card and it's speed have nothing to do with your motherboard. The problem was probably the old NVIDIA drivers.
  5. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 921   +11


    very good Acclamator, u are definitely right.
  6. caulodren

    caulodren TS Rookie

    Not the nvidia

    The Nvidia one works ok, its the radeon 1650pro that i took out that doesn't work. Funny the radeon device worked before when i used ddr ram when i upgraded to ddr2 667 in my pc all went wierd but for now i'm running the nvidia fx5500 without any trouble. By the way it couldn't of been the old nvidia drivers cause i performed a clean format and clean install with my radeon. one time i turned my pc on and i remember i didn't seat the radeon in correctly, but i turned off my pc and corrected it and it was alright until i upgraded my ram
  7. vhinsman02

    vhinsman02 TS Rookie

    i don't have any problem with 1650 pro. thats it
  8. Gflo

    Gflo TS Rookie Posts: 80

    Sounds like its time to bring out the ye ol' crap cleaner
  9. smiffyrebel

    smiffyrebel TS Rookie


    I have tried to set the HIS 1650 pro (agp version) on 2 totally different PCs each with a different monitor and both fst monitors drivers were loaded one a gigabyte board with an AMD 3000 xp processor 2Gb of memory and a 600watt psu & the other a ASRock motherboard with a e2200 dual core processor 2Gb and a 650Watt psu. The driver that comes with the 1650 pro is utterly useless and failed to work on both PCs I tried various versions of catalyst control centre, on the AMD PC I was plagued with lockups and crashes and the Dual core PC screen kept going blank with a floating screensaver box that recommended that I use a screen resolution of 1440x900 with scanning speed of 60Htz which the setting was already at, this did not happen on the AMD PC, also when I built the dual core PC I set everything up with a CRT monitor and all through the process of installing windows,Mobo drivers,graphics card drivers, & sound card drivers. I feel that the graphics card is OK but the drivers supplied and downloaded were in someway incompatable with this card. Its a shame but it seems that ATI and radeon could not be bothered to try and resolve the Problem.Which has put me off ATI & Radeon for ever.
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