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Problems with New PC upgrade

By felixer
Nov 7, 2007
  1. Question about PC upgrade gone wrong.

    Components used

    RAM(I copied everything on the ram stick)
    Starex DDR2 - 533 - CL4
    PC2 - 4300U - 4440
    ST100UD0413 - 533

    CPU - Pentium D 805

    Motherboard - Intel P965LT Desktop

    OK I'll try make it brief, I bought a new motherboard, I didn't want to upgrade my cpu and ram so I bought a
    Intel P965LT which is supposed to be compatibe with my current cpu and ram. Before I put it in my case I
    tested it, I put in the ram,cpu(without the thermal past) and fan because I just wanted it to post. At first it
    seemed to post(although their was nothing displaying on the monitor) the HD, fan and cdrom were running
    and then about 10 seconds later it shut itself down.

    I then took the CPU and ram out of my new motherboard and put it in my old one(which I know works) it then
    became worse becasue there was no response at all, just a single beep, the motherboard was completely dead.
    I then took the ram and cpu out of the olf motherboard and put it in the intel P965LT again and has the exact same
    response of nothing. So here are my list of theories -

    1) I blew the CPU and possibly the ram due to compatibility issues or becasue I didn't use thermal paste)
    2) Either Motherboard is faulty or damaged due to the above.
    3) Power supply is stuffed.

    Also if the ram and/or cpu were blown would that damage the motherboard, if I buy new cpu and ram (ones that
    I know are compatible) assuming that the m/b is damaged with it damage the new cpu and ram that is added to it.

    Any suggestions on the cause of the problems and it's solution.
  2. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 872   +12

    The PSU is stuffed is my guess at this point. Installing a CPU without thermal paste isn't recommended but probably didn't hurt it. I've seen tests where no thermal paste was applied and all that happened was the CPU temp was between 5-10C higher than normal. I'm pretty sure your old motherboard didn't break just out of the blue, but it is possible.

    A bad PSU can break other components. Before you decide to freak out, I'd beg, borow or steal a known good PSU and try again.
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