Problems with nvidia and win98

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Feb 8, 2005
  1. I am looking for advice for a problem with a new pc built by myself. Amd athlon 3000 asus motherbourd 485 watt supply 1gb ram all new stuff everything working well except grotty old windows 98se left over from the last pc. I can't afford to by a new os yet so i've got to make do with 98se beast. Problem is I can't get the nvidia 5200 graphics card to work properly with this setup when the drivers are installed the system becomes unstable. The card works fine on other pcs. I've tried about a dozen different nvidia drivers but they either don't work because they are not correctly matched or because for some other reason. This 98 software use to crash a lot on the old pc. My son needs the graphics card for his simulator. Any suggestions?
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  3. special@kinmyli

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    Well I've installed casheman but I'm not sure what to do with it there are so many controls. Does it just set itself up or is there a specific setting change to make?

    Anyway as soon as I try to put the graphics on high with the flight simulator it crashes straight away! There seems to be something fundamentally wrong.
    I thought perhaps it might be easier just to take out one of the 512mb ram sticks. I feel that basically the pc is just too advanced for old win98.

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    When Cacheman first runs it reads the current windows settings and displays them. It does not change any settings until you activate them or use the pre-set Profiles.
    To use it to limit the MaxFileCache= in the right pane click Settings/Cache. In the right pane click the Disk Cache tab.
    To the right of "Maximum Disk Cache" click Enable and enter 524288 KB.

    I agree the motherboard may be to much for Win98SE and Asus may not list Win98SE as a compatible OS for it. But I did not want to discourage you from trying.
    There are numerous Windows Updates for Windows98SE you will also need. I think Microsoft has extended online updates until next year for 98SE..
  5. special@kinmyli

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    I've just had an Idea, I've set up casheman (pc seems to be getting worse) what about the autoexec files, should I avoid using these from the bootable floppy disc and try and reload windows straight from the win 98 disc or is that not possible. Could it be that the start disc is carrying over some old garbage from the previous system? :)
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    Did you take a hdd from old system and place on your new board????
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    No this is all new apart from the cd drive and the start disc.
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    Exactally what Asus motherboard is it ??? Maybe this motherboard you have has onboard video wich has to be disabled first...Also 512 little high for 98 aslo would you have a 256 stick laying around of ddr...
  9. special@kinmyli

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    A8V delux is the motherboard I could probably find 256 ddr somewhere around seems as if she's playing up real bad now (to much messing about). But what about the autoexec.bat any ideas about that, am I carrying over anything because the old computer was very unstable. What does autoexec.bat do etc.

    Also there is no on board video to disable because it doesn't provide any monitor connection.
  10. tbrunt3

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    see if this helps you I have not used 98 in long time .But I do know these are some of the things you back up if that helps you..

    kind weed through this..

    Do I need Autoexec.bat?

    Left over from way back when

    I have updated my system to a Pentium II using Windows 98. As an old fan of MS-DOS I find it unusual to see AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files having only a few minimum lines for operation and everything else REM'd out. I am puzzled about altering either of these files if I needed to, as they seem to have nothing to do as they are! I assume their form is attributable to Win98, since Win95 was 'normal'? Also, another member of the family is having trouble getting Klik and Play to run with Win95 on a Pentium 133 with 32Mb memory. It runs fine on a 486-33 with Win3.1 with ease. An error message refers to not being able to find the KNPS.DLL file.

    Having looked at your printouts, we can confirm that these are the standard files produced by a Win98 installation. You're right, they don't seem to do much at all - the minimalist approach is because almost everything is controlled by Windows and the Registry these days, so the old BAT files are little more than a hangover from DOS days. As for your other problem, we've never used the program in question, so we can't be 100 per cent sure of the solution. Missing DLL files can be a common problem though, usually indicating that the program's installer managed to **** up somewhere. Use Win98's Find facility to search your hard drives for the missing DLL. If you find it in the Klik and Play application folder, try placing a copy of the DLL in C:\Windows\System. If it's there but not in the application's home directory, do the reverse - some programs look for shared DLLs in the Windows directory, and some keep custom DLLs in their own folder. If you can't find it, search the original CD for it, and try copying it to both locations.
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    Well thanks tbrunt3, I'm not sure whether the bit about the dll files applys to me because this is a new installation. What I'm really wanting to know right now is whether I should do a reinstall of win98 without using the boot disc. I think I know how to do this now. Just loading up straight from the win98 disc . Or am I just wasting my time? What do you think?
  12. Triton

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    When installing Windows 98SE using the setup floppy (boot disk) there is no information written back to the floppy so nothing is carried over to the next install on another system from the floppy.

    All Windows 98SE CDs should be bootable even the upgrade CD so you can install from CD.

    Please don't over look the value of the chipset drivers and Windows Update.
    The motherboard chipset drivers are necessary for the AGP slot and IDE controler to work properly.
    Windows Update. off the top of my head , the one I know you will need is the "Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package".
    "During shutdown, data from the cache is written to the hard disk for storage until the computer is turned on again. During a typical shutdown process, any data written just before shutdown may still reside on the hard disk's hardware cache. Older processors typically execute the shutdown code slowly enough that the hard disk's cache flushed the written data to the physical media before the machine lost power. As processors have increased in speed, the shutdown time has decreased to the point that data may still be in the hardware cache when a computer is turned off, and that data may be lost. This increased processor time, coupled with the fact that hard drive caches have increased in size further increase the chance of data loss."
    Run scan disk to repair any errors on your hard drive before and after you install the "Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package".

    A8V Deluxe; chipset used, VIA K8T800Pro VIA VT8237
    "Win95/98/98SE are now relatively old operating systems, and latest release drivers are no longer optimized for those operating systems. Many users of VIA chipsets who run Win95/98/98SE report that using this old 4in1 version, they experience a more responsive system. If you add new hardware or peripheral devices to your system, however, and you experience instability or find that a new peripheral device does not function correctly, update to the latest VIA Hyperion driver package which may contain updates that will increase compatibility. Also note that the inf file version in these drivers (which contains chipset IDs) dates from late 2001. If you are running Win98SE on a system from 2002 or later, you will require later release drivers so that your chipset is properly identified."

    I have not installed Windows 98SE on anything in so long I would have to refresh my memory of all the updates needed.
    It would be best to allow Windows Update to install at least all the critical updates for Windows 98SE..

    "grotty old windows 98se left over from the last pc"
    Is this a retail or OEM version of Windows 98SE.
    If it is a restore CD from the old PC it will not work properly on your new PC.
  13. special@kinmyli

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    This is a proper win98 disc. Not recovery or upgrade not oem but time for bed now I think thanks for the help. (I think I'm a bit confused about chipsets.)
  14. special@kinmyli

    special@kinmyli TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thwarted again

    :confused: So the simple answer must be to just install xp right, then everything is bound to work fine, right?...........Wrong, xp is now installed and the moment I try to use flight simulator the pc goes into a major crash and brings up a blue screen. With all sorts of major warnings....... I am at a loss. :knock:
  15. Triton

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    The motherboard "chipsets" interface the CPU to the motherboard and all the hardware on it.
    The motherboard chipsets require drivers just like all other hardware on the motherboard, modem, network adapter, sound ect.
    The motherboard chipset drivers are required for the IDE (hard drive) controller and the AGP (video) slot to work properly.
    Chipsets for motherboards are made by many different companies, VIA, SIS. Intel ect.
    Chipset drivers are always being improved so they are not included in the Windows operating system. The current drivers for the motherboard chipset should be downloaded from the web site that makes the chipsets or;
    Your motherboard should have come with a "Support CD". It will include all the drivers needed for the motherboard including the chipset drivers.
    The drivers on the CD will be the latest up to when the motherboard was made. They may not be the current released drivers for your hardware but will get you started.
    The CD should auto start when you put it in the CD drive and should guide you through the install of the motherboard drivers and other hardware on your motherboard.

    Your motherboard (A8V Deluxe) uses the VIA K8T800Pro VIA VT8237 chipset.

    The latest drivers for this chipset are the "VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers" Version - 455vp1, released November 25, 2004. If you want to download the latest version;

    Installing the motherboard chipset drivers should be the first thing done after the OS is installed
    Before the video card drivers because they are needed for the AGP slot to work properly.

    Games require the latest version of DirectX;

    Or use "Windows Update" online to install the latest DirectX and all other critical updates for the Windows XP operating system.

    Good Luck.
  16. special@kinmyli

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    Well thanks Triton, I've installed the new drivers and I have direct x9c also. I've tried an older driver from the nvidia website. It's still crashing though, the only way I can stop it is by going into the hardware acceleration and reducing that significantly. :hotbounce Oh well I shall not give up easily
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    The only other thing I can come up with is your AGP apagure size is not sit correct in your BIOS should be set to at least the amount of your video card memeory .. Personally I set mine to one half of total ram.. try that.

    if any of the above does not work this could very well be a bad card..
  18. Triton

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    "Oh well I shall not give up easily"

    Sorry if I am sounding redundant but;
    It is important that the Video drivers be installed after the chipset drivers are installed.

    Your chipset is only supported by the latest VIA 4in1 driver Version - 455vp1.
    Uninstall the old VIA driver and install the current one then uninstall the video driver and reinstall it.
    The video driver can't configure itself without the chipset drivers in place first.

    "I can stop it is by going into the hardware acceleration and reducing that significantly."
    This may indicate a more basic problem.

    I looked over your motherboards specification.
    This motherboard uses a "Dual Channel Memory Architecture" (two memory controllers) the type of memory and its placement in the memory slots is very important for Dual Channel Memory to work properly. Two memory controllers give you twice the memory Bandwidth. With the faster CPUs of today this is important so the CPU is not starved for data coming from memory.
    Both memory modules have to be Matched Pairs, exactly the same.
    There are 4 memory slots on the motherboard, Slots 1 and 3 are blue, slots 2 and 4 are black.
    Slots 1 and 3 are controlled by the first memory controller. Slots 2 and 4 are controlled by the second memory controller.

    For Dual Channel Memory to work properly one stick of memory has to be in slot one and the second in slot 3; both slots are blue.
    If you put 1 stick in slot 1 and 1 stick in slot 2 the motherboard is only using one memory controller and the memory bandwidth is cut in half..
    Check chapter 2 page 11 of the motherboard manual (User Guide)
    "Important notes on memory configuration"
  19. special@kinmyli

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    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."Alfred, Lord Tennyson

    O.K. thanks, I know that the memory modules are in the right place (they are clearly marked), but when I installed the new chipset drivers I didn't uninstall the old ones . Not sure how to do that. The graphics card should be alright because its been working fine for about a year in another pc. I tried running without any sound drivers installed but no different. The crashes are so bad I have to switch off at the mains! Thanks for all the help. :knock:
  20. Triton

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    Check the XP Event Log, after you reboot, for errors when the system crashes using the Event Viewer.

    It should at least give you a hint as to what is crashing your system.

    "I didn't uninstall the old ones. Not sure how to do that."
    Run the setup program for the VIA 4 in 1 driver again.
    Because the program is already installed the setup program should give you the option to repair or uninatall the driver.
    It will most likely uninstall both or all of the VIA drivers so reinstall the current VIA driver after uninstalling the old driver.
    If it gives you the option screen chose repair.
  21. special@kinmyli

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    Well I've tried to do just about everything suggested but no progress. It's been recomended that I try another card, Gulp, more money. Maybe I need to open up a new thread under nvidia driver and xp instead of win98 now that I'm running xp. Thanks for all your help.
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