Problems with Outlook

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Have a Dell PC with 1.7GHz processor and 256Meg Ram. Plenty of storage.
Had been using Windows Me and Outlook and everything was fine. System crashed and had to reinstall everything. Decided to upgrade to XP w/SP1.
Installed XP and reinstalled Office 2000. Got Outlook up and running and does mail fine. I have set up two accounts on the system; one for me and another for my bride in the event she want to have her own stuff.
Have a couple of problems I cannot figure out.
(1) Cannot add entries to address book. Whenever I try, the system allows me to type in all of the info and save. When I go back to access an individuals info. only the name is there. When I get an email from a person and want to add them to the address book, using the add to address book feature, the system allow me to do that successfully.
(2) BTW, when I add people to address book as noted above, I keep getting reminders to contact them. It gets annoying. How do I turn off reminders?
(3) Cannot add meetings, appointments, events to calendar. I go through the entry of all the information and then the calendar shows nothing.
I am inclined to believe that the above is somehow to related to the interface between XP and Outlook. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
Outlook 2003 Calendar

I work on a calendar that is shared from another user and it will show an appointment one day, but the same appointment will not the next day. then it will show again the next day. Has anyone had this situation? :)
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