Problems with Radeon 7500 updating driver

By zalina
Feb 21, 2007
  1. Hey there please let me know if i havent given enough information to explain my problem. I will do everything i can to give you all i know.

    I run Windows xp professional on my dell latitude pc. (laptop) I play world of warcraft on it and i noticed lately the game hasnt been running well along with the computer just being overloaded. So i decided to reformat and i did so. once i reformatted i installed the drivers that came with the dell resource cd and installed all video and audio drivers. then i went to update my video drivers as i had done before when i first installed the game to begin with. Well now when i go to upgrade to the newest version of my video driver(catalyst) i get an error while trying to install it says "INF ERROR Video driver not found" then followed by try setting up a standard VGA driver before installing"...ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling troubleshooting this is driving me nuts. I still cannot get my poor video driver to update correctly.

    Specs are

    Windows xp professional
    Mobility radeon 7500 video driver

    if there is anything else i can tell you please ask and ill gladly give you as much info as possible. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? i know i can update my video driver ive done it before! but now i cant do it....
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