problems with samsung sp2504c hard drive

By neild79
Jul 12, 2006
  1. i have just bought a samsung sp2504c 250gb hard drive. ihad a westerndigital wd170aa 17gb hard drive in it but it was faulty so i binned it + put windows xp home edition on it. the problem is: when i go to my computer + look under devices with removable storage it has an icon of a box with a cd + says vrmhoem_en(d:) when i double click it it gives me some option, 1 of which is to install windows. can anyone tell me what this is + whether i need it or not? another problem i have is when i go to my computer + look under hard drives, it says local disk(c:). when i hover over it it says total space:232gb + free space:231. why does it say this as i havent installed or downloaded anything? ive only put windows on it. i havent even installed the drivers from my motherboard cd. my specs are: amd athlon 64 3000+ cpu, asrock k8 upgrade vm800 mobo, 256mb elixir ddr400 pc3200 184 pin ram, 250gb samsung sp2504c hdd, 2x cd/dvd rewriters(1x dual layer). any help is always appreciated...thanks
  2. pcaceit

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    That is because the removable storage device that you double clicked on is your cd/dvd drive with removable storage disc (your win xp home cd) in so you should not re install it unless you really need to .

    so remove it from your drive because it will also slow your startup or your system might even boot straight from your win xp home cd and start setup again.

    The drive in my computer says Local disk because it on your computer (local) but if it were some disk on a computer that you accessed via a network it would say Remote disk or remote storage device.

    so if you want to change the label on that drive just click on it once to highlight it then click on it again, then just type another name like "Storage, Backup, System" but you cant have a name with more than 16 characters i think.

    Your free space is only that much because you have windows installed on it and it is the File system, formatting and partition tables etc..that uses up the rest of the space so that is why your 250gb looks as if you have lost 18gb.

    hope that explains everything?
  3. neild79

    neild79 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 49

    thank you for your help
  4. neild79

    neild79 Banned Topic Starter Posts: 49

    how come when i had a 17gb hdd in my computer + had windows installed it didnt take up even quarter of what it has now. now it takes up 18gb. thanks
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