Problems with Soyo Motherboard

By mental1216
Dec 2, 2004
  1. Hello there. I am fairly adept at building computer and have built several of them succusfully so I feel my skills are at least modest. Here is my problem. I put a new motherboard and processor into an existing system. I put in a Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 version 1.0 (black) and a P4 3.4ghz processor. Now when I turned it on the computer beeped at me- long contionus beeps with short intervals inbetween. So I turned it off and back on and it booted in the bios. I configured the bios the way I wanted and continued to load windows. Then I got a windows error message that was only there for a split second before the computer would restart. So i want online and found out that I had to boot off the install disk to perform a system repair so I went to boot up, and my computer now turns on and it looks like everyhting is running but im getting no visual on the monitor. It was just working a little while ago and I have already tried everything on the companys website and everything in the manual so I hope someone here can help me. Thanks
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