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By soulkolektor
Aug 25, 2007
  1. hey guys, i gotta annoying problem with XP. I just recently reinstalled Windows XP and now when i try to play to play a game or a video in full screen mode the system keeps minimizing the application. It is like Windows refreshes desktop every minute and that causes my program to minimize. I have updated teh chipset driver and the GPU driver. I tried talking to DELL about it and they have no clue, GeekSquad has no idea neither. I am desperate to fix this for i am running out of ides and patience.
    please help me
  2. raybay

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    You perhaps have either a video card problem, video graphics driver problem, lack adequate thermal paste between the cpu and the heat sink, or a memory speed or capacity issue. Stay away from Geek Squad, as their experience in repair is mainly in rebuilding, rather than troubleshooting.
    Tell us your model of Dell, and service Tag, and we can get you up to speed a bit... we also need to know your memory and hard drive if different from when you purchased the computer.
    My guess is that you have an out of date driver. Did you go online to have the Dell automation inspect and update your computer?

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    Another thing you might try: check the resolution of your monitor and video card against the resolution of the application...
    Good luck.
  4. soulkolektor

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    its a DELL Dimension E521 the tag is 1MHKYB1 and the only thing i have changed is the GPU (i now have ATI Radeon X1950) and the power supply. The funny thing though is that none of that was present b4 i reinstalled Windows XP. Also i downloaded and installed the most current chipset driver from DELL. GeekSquad hooked it up to one of their monitors and it didnt do anything. This is driving me up the wall. And i havent been able to play any games or watch a movie without having to blow the screen up. and i tried playing with the resolution but no good there
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