probs after new HD install

By puffaSmoke
Nov 11, 2006
  1. despite having so called virus and spyware protection and due to some questionable surfing by an employee, and also perhaps in part to my own foolish bittorrent P2P sharing (before I knew better) my computer became plauged with parasites. Things got so bad that the system wouldn't boot. I tried reloading XP to no remedy. At the time the OS was on the cable selected master HD and I had added a cable selected slave HD with partition.
    I installed and loaded XP onto a virgin HD in place of the old master. Assuming the risk for worms on the slave to be small and manageable, I left it in place during OS loading. The plan being to respectively slave both old HDs to salvage any files I could transferring them to the new HD then move forward clean with some hard lessons learned and not look back.
    Such is not the case.
    The bevy of problems includes:
    1. No sound. Sounds and Audio Devices Properties indicates: "No Audio Device"
    2. Graphics card (ATI Visiontek Radeon X1300) doesn't work. When I attempt to install the driver CD V6.4 I get msg: "Error installing iKernel.exe: Files accessed"
    3. Can't launch Firefox browser. Downloaded and installed, but upon trying to open it get msg: "firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close....."
    This is weird because another browser (Opera) downloaded and works fine.
    4. Can't save Notepad or Wordpad documents. Found this out earlier when I cut, pasted, and (attempted to) save all this the first time I typed it.
    5. This cool feature:
    (Thanks again Howard!) doesn't work. Gives a msg: "The file -r cannot be found"
    6. Not sure if it's to be expected, but the new HD is defined as drive [G] possibly because of the rest of the drives' configuration.
    7. I can't get the main window of the antivirus program (Trend Micro) to come up. Double clicking it from the system tray brings it up for only about 2 seconds, then it disappears.

    I don't have a seperate sound card, just what is on the mobo and I've not yet tried to download any drivers for sound or graphics yet... wanted to see what you guys could contribute first. I also do not know if perhaps some of the quirks are because I have not yet 'activated' XP... at this point I'd kinda like to make sure I have a working system first.
    I would greatly appreciate some help on this. The computer was purchased 4 months ago from a mom and pop type of outfit and the builder advertised that everything was brand new, but as I was inside the cabinet I saw a sticker on the HD hand written from the first time the guy sold the thing saying "warranty expires 1/2004". I always like to patronize the little guy.. oh, well.
    attached is an Everest summary if it helps.

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