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Dec 25, 2005
  1. I have been having some cooling problems with a new Celeron D 2.6 chip. I want to find out from other people with Celerons or other P4s what their ide and loaded temps are. This way I can try to find the problem ...

    Celeron D330J with timestamp Jul 05.
    Idle: ~45C
    Loaded: ~60C
    Ambient: ~30C

  2. 0blivious

    0blivious TS Rookie Posts: 34

    My cpu is a P4 3.0 ghz prescott

    Idle: ~46C
    Loaded: ~upper 50sC

    Ambient: sry i dont know what this stands for
  3. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 98

    Ambient = Room air temperature. Check the weather channel for your city ...
  4. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    P4 640 Ht

    My P4 was idling around 45c, load up to 65c.
    Installed Arctic Cooling Freezer7, now- idle 36c, load 58c, and the Arctic Silver5 hasn't cycled in yet. :grinthumb
  5. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    According to Intel's data, 68c is the max temp for most Prescott cores(that includes Celly Ds.)
    Personly I'd keep them under 60c. The idle temps are not as important.
    Idle temps under 45c are good.

    Prerscotts need good case air flow, Intel recomends some cases with side ports or fans that bring in fresh air to the CPU. They call it a Thermally Advantaged Chassis.

    Better heatsink compound will help, maybe as much as 10c
  6. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 98

    Thanks for the advice, but I need stats. The reason being:

    1. Faulty temp sensor.
    2. Faulty multiplier in Bios.
    3. Faulty chip.

    I am using a TA case already. I have tried the stock cooler and a TT replacement, and my own mod. I am using Arctic Silver - the ~$50 type (I have learned a few lessons so far).

    In any case the stats is important to determine the problem. I unfortunately do not have another late model Celeron chip to compare with. I have lots of AMD chips though ...
  7. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    My 530j 4000mhz, 1.45 Vcore, P5P800, Stock Intel Cooler, 3 80mm fans, Sky Hawk Alunimum Case:
    45 Idle, 60 Full load

    My 540 3800mhz, 1.425 Vcore, P5P800, Artic Cooling Freezer 7, 1 80mm, 1 120mm fans, Cooler Master Cavilair Case:
    45 Idle, 60 full load

    Motherboard temps all ~ 35c
  8. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    celly temp

    I put together a system for my mom- Celeron D 2.4GH, ASUS P4V8X-MX, stock intel hsf (that booger buzzes LOUD), Ultra Wizard case, 80mm front fan, 92mm rear, removed side "tunnel opening, added 80mm side fan- CPU idle 38c., not too many cycles yet, so unsure of AC5 "setin", never seen it loaded, mobo 31c. I don't get "TT" replacement, is that ThermalTake? Which one? And your own mod was??? Sure sounds like it should be cooler. I dunno.

    The P4 i mentioned above is in an Aspire X-Finity case, 2-80mm fans front, 1 80mm fan top, 1 80mm fan side, 1 120mm fan rear, mobo (P5P800) at 31c. :wave:
  9. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    It looks like your temps are inline with other Presc-hots.
    For my rigs to hit 60c, I need 100% CPU for awhile. That takes alot of programs. Folding@home will do it with another program running sometimes. Right now, folding and internet Im at 49c with my 540@3800MHZ. I just blew the dust out with my small electric leaf blower. That helps.
  10. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    leaf blower?

    My 640 temps get up dramatically rippin music, but only briefly. You doin that Stanford folding thing, or some other?
    You're up the hill from me there in St. George- surely your leaves have been gone for some time? Hope you're careful there's no debris in that dude when ya spritz yer case! :grinthumb
  11. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    My pecan and wallnut trees lost thier leaves just before thankgiving. Hate trees in the late fall, real nice in 110f+ summers.

    I'll keep the leaves out of my computers.

    I lived in Vagas for five years.
  12. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435


    guess we're kinda PMing, but this is the "cooling" thread, and that's what trees do, no? Do you have along enough season for those nut trees to fruit? Got a friend who lives above ya outside of Beaver. Anything he grows, gotta grow QUICK! You didn't mention your "folding." Your own program? :wave:
  13. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    Im folding for Go team 11314! People here are much more nice.
    I haven't done it long yet. Boy it run you temps up, as good as CPU Burn In. All the time.

    I got pecans up the wazoo. Not so many wallnuts. Seasons here are close to Vegas, a little cooler at night, not as much in the day.
  14. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 98

    TT = Thermaltake. I think I tried the Silent 775. Neither the stock or the TT replacement gave me decent cooling, due to the bad case design (neither would fit properly) ... so I used my own mod.

    Considering my high ambient temps, it seems the Celerons are hot runners anyway ... Just needed to confirm that the Temp Sensor / Mobo is good.
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