processor oem?

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Aug 1, 2005
  1. Sorry if this is a newb question but what does oem mean? Is that good, bad or does it even make a diff? Cuz I found this processor for much cheaper than newegg on ebay... well its current auction price anyways and it says its oem.
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    Basically parts labeled OEM are intended as replacements in manufactured PCs. So it doesn't normally come in a box like a part you purchase from a store or with software. A thing to note about OEM CPU's are that they will not come with a Heatsink or thermal grease. You'll need to obtain these seperately.
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    (pronounced as separate letters) Short for original equipment manufacturer, which is a misleading term for a company that has a special relationship with computer producers. OEMs buy computers in bulk and customize them for a particular application. They then sell the customized computer under their own name. The term is really a misnomer because OEMs are not the original manufacturers -- they are the customizers.
    Contrast with IHV.
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    OEM products will often have a different warranty policy than their retail counterparts - Beware. You may get a considerable discount purchasing an OEM product, but if it dies after 4 months you may be out of luck.

    Where I work, we offer up to a 4 year warranty on retail components - But only 1 year on OEM components.
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    Ok thanks that was very helpful. I think I will just stick with newegg. Esp. since the process goes for 500 originally.
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