Program insists Previous version installed...but where is it?

By raebabe
Dec 16, 2004
  1. I'm trying to load IMT on this lovely Dell I'm working with today and what you normally have to do is load 5.1 first and then 6.0 because it's one of those deals where one only works with the other.

    Now I have just reloaded the machine. The HD was wiped, gone, dead when I put XP on it but when I attempt to load 5.1 so I can load 6.0 it tells me that a previous version has already been installed and that I need to delete that version to load 5.1. So I searched the program files, the registry and then the entire Hard Drive to come up with nothing. Where else can I look or what else can I do to get this program loaded because it's a mandatory program that he has to have?

    Here's a thought...

    We've been having lots of problem with this XP installation on our network...Could it possibly be that a lot of these programs are having problems loading becuase we have a fairly large network and we use XP Home Edition rather than Professional? I've just heard that Home isn't as Network friendly.
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    What is IMT?
  3. raebabe

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    IMT is like Form Flow. It's a program that creates XML e-forms. About a year ago the AF switched from Form Flow to IMT (also called PureEdge). We now make all of our work related forms from IMT (like our EPR's and DD Forms). I would load Form Flow but now that we've switched they are not compatible and he can't open any of the IMT forms in Form Flow. Somtimes you can go to the AF PUBS site and load the forms in Form Flow but that will only take him so far before he HAS to have IMT.
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