Program to reduce an animated .gif file

By conradguerrero
Jan 2, 2003
  1. I have an animated .gif that I want to use as an avatar. It's too big in it's current form, I want to reduce it from 60x60 10535 bytes to the maximum 50x50.

    I used the windows paint program to reduce the image, but the animation was not saved ... What should I use, that's hopefully free to download?

  2. StormBringer

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    Ulead GIF Animator or Animation Shop(Part of Paintshop Pro) Both have free demo versions. Either should easily do that within the demo restrictions. All you need to do is load it and reduce all the frames to the new size then reconstruct it.
    You may want to check somewhere like or another freeware/shareware site, there may well be a free app that will suffice for such a task.
  3. iss

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  4. conradguerrero

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    Ulead GIF Animator worked great, Thanks all.

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