program won't respond "MOffice" press end Now when logging off

By puppetgrimm1
Jun 11, 2005
  1. As described above every time someone logs off of windows except for addministrator and my account a program wont respond "MOffice" window pops up and you have to press "End Now" before windows will shut down. I was thinking it may be Microsoft Office but I dont have that program.Any Idea on what program is causing this.I've Looked through the processes in windows task manager and cant find anything.

    P.S. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Moffice error on Shutdown

    It appears to be a keyboard driver problem (Dynex). I was able to resolve the problem by doing the following:

    1. I went to their website and downloaded the most currernt drivers for the keyboard.

    2. Installed the drivers and rebooted.

    3. Went into MSCONFIG.exe, startup tab and unchecked the keyboard exec.
    In this case it looked like:
    MKEYBD C:\program files\multimedia keyboard utility\1.3\MMKEYBD.EXE

    I rebooted after saving the changes and when I went to shutdown the next time things were fixed.
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