Programs and files (rar and zip) open very slowly

By g-mac123
Dec 11, 2005
  1. Within the past few weeks opening RAR and ZIP files has become a major hassle. I use winRAR but once I double click a file to open it, I need to wait at least 2 minutes (does not depend on file size) for the file to actually open. In addition, programs (notably flashfxp) do not work perfectly or at all in some instances or very slow to open, same as zips.

    Anything you can think of to help would be great

    I have already reinstalled, defragmented, and done spy and adware checks.

    I have a hijack this logfile if you want to see it, but it looks normal to me.

    Thanks for any assistance you can give!
  2. akalol111

    akalol111 TS Rookie

    have you tried disabling virusscan?

    I was having a similar problem where all my zip files would take FOREVER to open and they never used to do that. I found out my McAffee virus scan was auto scanning any zip file I opened. Only after the scan was complete it would let winrar open the file. That sometimes took a couple minutes depending on the archives contents. I fixed that simply by going into McAffee's On-Access Scan properties and unchecking scan compressed files option. Now all my zip files open in less than a second.
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