Prompt at start up. 9800 pro not plugged in?

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Jun 6, 2006
  1. I haven't really touched anything as far as updating drivers for the 9800 pro in probably a yr. So I don't think this is from new drivers or something like that but when I have to reboot or start up the machine from start I get a red prompt screen that says my radeon 9800 pro is not plugged into the power supply and to read manual about correct connections. I then have to reboot 2 or 3 times before it will boot up correctly. I've reseated the video card, memory and connections including the cpu and still the same prompt. I just updated Acrobat reader and it needed and restart for setting to take effect. Yikes! Took 5 reboot attempts before I didn't get the read prompt and it would start up correctly. Anybody ran into this or heard of it before?
  2. paranoid guy

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    Has this been happening ever since you installed the card or just when you installed the update for acrobat reader? You'd better give us the make and wattage of the psu as well and the amps on the 12v rail too(this info can be found on the sticker on the psu). I'm not sure about the 9800 pro but with most newer graphics cards you have to connect the card to the psu with a molex cable(multi-coloured, multi-wired cable) but I'm guessing you have done this already. Never heard of compatibility issues betwee acrobat reader and gpu drivers myself but maybe there's something I'm missing? Anyway if you can give us that info and anything else you can think of that'd be great.
  3. ru1thirst

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    The problem has been just over the last couple of months. The card was fine for over a year. But no, it didn't start after acrobat reader install. That was just an example as to when you have to restart the machine because of a new or updated program. The PSU is fine too. Well at least I think. I've ran a psu tester program and at each voltage or test the #'s were right in range I was told. I'm thinking about just reinstalling the latest ATI drivers and see if that helps. Mine are not that old now. March of 2006 date. Anyway don't know if that helps but that is where we are at. Thanks.
  4. paranoid guy

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    Ok, well if your card is overheating or not getting enough power that can be a cause of this problem so if you can still give us the psu info and card temperature, just in case you install new drivers and they don't help, that'd be great, but installing new drivers is something to try too. With gpu problems diagnosing a problem is done by deduction so that's why we basically need lots of info.
  5. Masque

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    Double-check that the power going into the card is in their snugly. I agree with PG that the power seems to be suspect here....possibly a weakening of the power supply. Have you added anything in the last couple of months that could be pulling some of the power? Could be an additional hard drive, dvd drive or such.....if you were just on the edge of having enough power, adding something else could start problems such as this.
  6. ru1thirst

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    I was thinking the same as you guys. But no changes in hardware and psu power seems fine after testing with software. But the good news is that is uninstalled the video drivers and used Driver Cleaner, boot to safe mode (took 10-12 tries with error prompt still) and then installed the latest ATI drivers from site. No problems at least for now. I've only restarted the machine twice but it started up fine. I don't want to push it and keep testing because I leave my machine on for the most part but before it would never restart on the first try. So, I have my fingers xx. Thanks for your guys help and suggestions. I'll be back if it returns I'm sure.
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