Pros and Cons to the Ati Radeon 9550

By Rockfan1815 ยท 6 replies
Mar 4, 2005
  1. I was looking at a Graphics card with the Ati Radeon 9550 GPU processor and was wondering if that GPU/VPU is any good. Any comments on it and where would I be able to get one for a good price.
  2. Liquidlen

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    It's like any component .what are you going to do with it ? and how much money can you spend ? has an article in special issue v2.0 just out ,about sub $100.00 vid cards . take a look at their website.
  3. Rockfan1815

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    The most I will pay is about 80, the only thing I use my computer for is Internet and Games, Mainly Call of Duty, Nascar Thunder 2004, Half Life 2 with all mods, NFS underground 2, Halo and other games like those. It also wouldn't bother me if I had to put the graphics inbetween medium and high because I've played all of these games on a budget card (Geforce Mx 420 and 440 pci 64mb) with the graphics on medium and no lag, I just want a card that can handle some of the latest games long enought until I get a job and can afford a top end card.
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    people have their own opinions. but i always find great deals on brand new parts on ebay. now yes, you can get scr@wed on ebay if you dont pay attention. but if you do it right, theres all sorts of great deals. i built 2 high performance computers and most of the parts are from ebay( all brand new)
  5. Liquidlen

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    The 9550 and the 9600 se can both handle DX 9 so they can play games but , you realize not a the top levels as these are economy cards, which is fine.
    I have had good reliable cards with the ATI chips. and Computergeeks often sell older models at a reasonable price.
    Have Fun and tell us what you did.
  6. Rockfan1815

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  7. Nick Lee

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    I don't know if it's my system or the way the programs are installed.
    ASUS motherboard
    ati 9550 (CATALYST 5.3 and CATALYST Control Center)
    512mb DDR ram
    cd rom52x
    anthlon 64 2200+ 1.79gig.
    40 gig samsung
    110 gig wdc wd400
    300w power supply

    my problem is that i play battlefeild 1942 and the game is very sticky, my computer meets the reqerments and a lot more. Anyone please help advice,
    I tried everything i know.

    p.s. I woun't/ will not reformat my com. and start from sctrach.
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