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Sep 16, 2006
  1. Is there a way to protect one or more folders or files from being accessed by others, that including worms and stuff? I mean something that will at least warn me that an aplication is trying to access them so I can allow/reject?

    I'm using kaspersky and zone alarm and they are quite good at detecting global threats, but they don't have support for something like this. Or do they?
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    I'm not sure about programs, but one method I use to prevent others from accessing my private files on the my desktop pc is to write a small batch file to deny access to the file for all users, and then run the command again to allow access to it.
    Deny Access
    cacls "[i]folder location here[/i]" /p [i]yourusernamehere[/i]:n
    Allow Access
    cacls "[i]folder location here[/i]" /p [i]yourusernamehere[/i]:f
    This is basically the same as using the Security Tab on XP Pro, but since XP Home doesnt use it, I had to find another method.

    You can automate a "yes" response in the batch file, add "echo Y|" at the beginning.
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    I know about the WinXP compressed files and folders, but that works only for backups and stuff, not for daily accessed files... And, from what I understand, that zip can still be accessed/copied by a P2P worm for example (even if it's password protected, it's just a zip...).

    It's not nice to lose the source code of your work. I found quickly a Win32.P2P worm - I hope it didn't do anything... But if some hacker manages to gain file control over my computer, I'd like to be able to secure specific folders - folders that no program can access without authorization, so an intruder could steal things like music and games from my pc, but not my work.
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    I use FileAssurity OpenPGP by to encrypt confidential data.

    For development, this might take some time to encrypt/decrypt large directories,
    so I think I would use the sequence,
    1. zip the directory into an archive
    2. encrypt the zip file
    3. empty the directory of its original contents
    and the obvious decript, export to retrieve

    btw: If you do development under a limited user account rather than the
    admin login, you will have better file access controls.
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