PS/2 Keyboard not working in DOS mode

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Aug 5, 2005
  1. i have an AMD 64 processor and MSI K8 motherboard with Phenoix bios. i wanted to install Win XP 64 bit edition from the existing Win XP SP2 and to that, i inserted the boot disk. i cant carry out changes when the startup sequence asks to press a key. the NUMLOCK or CAPSLOCK buttons also dont work.
    the problem has continued even with a Win98 startup disk. keyboard refuses to function in the DOS mode.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Somewhere in your BIOS is a keyboard setting (probably something to do with USB). Modify that and you should be good.
  3. cos_cube

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    i have already tried that method. i tried loading the optimised defaults. it did not help. there is no option that says anything about usb keyboard.
    i talk to the hardware manufacturer today but he said that the RAM stick i have (hynix maybe) is not totally compatible with the MSI motherboard, i dont understand this, if it can work within Windows then whats with dos???
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    I have the same board and just last week i used the live update software that came with the mobo to update the bios after it finished and rebooted my ps/2 wouldn't work. Im now using a usb keyboard and mouse. Maybe you can use a usb keyboard on yours.
  5. cos_cube

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    i will try using a usb kybd but i dnt think it will work since the msi guy said that sometimes the problem starts due to isb keyboard. will keep u posted..
  6. cos_cube

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    will my problem be solved if i fit another module from Krypton in parallel with the existing one??
    also, does it affect performance if i fit 1 module of 133MHz with another of 266Mhz???
    of different companies???
  7. Expired

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    When i was searching for answers to your problem i found that some fixed the problem by reinstalling windows and some fixed it by updating their bios to a older or newer version. As far as mine working with the usb keyboard. Sometimes i have to unplug it and then plug in back in while the computer is running for the computer to see it. As far as MSI goes i think if they know that there is a common problem like this with the mobo they made. They should atleast try to fix it instead of us having to spend our time fixing a problem they made or give us new mobos.
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