PS for 2 X1900XTX's

By LipsOfVenom
Sep 1, 2006
  1. I have to X1900's and I was looking for a decent power supply to power them. I've seen Rosewill has one with 2 12V rails for a total of 39 Amps and 550 watts. Is that a good brand? If anyone has any other suggestions. My price range is $50 - $100, if that helps. Thanks.
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    While the ratings on that Rosewill are sufficient for a pair of 1900's in CrossFire mode, Rosewill power supplies have always been hit or miss for me.. with more "miss" being the case. i.e. their quality has never been consistent and they usually fall short on the mark.

    If you have the budget, the absolute best power supplies you can buy are the PC Chips and Cooling models.. but these are very, very expensive. Worth it though as they provide clean, near-perfect power and have a very long life span.

    My other second favorite are Antec's NEO line. These provide multiple 12v rails, high wattage and amperage, thermatic cooling technology, modular plug design (use only what you need for connectors) and are rated at their peak/stable power over 50C (which no PSU should ever reach!). These are much, much more reasonably priced.

    Lastly, Antec has a new Tri-Power line that have three(3) 12v rails. I haven't bench-tested any of these yet, but they look promising.

    So, in short, I'd say get a PCC&C, or if budget is below this, get an Antec NEO, Tru-Power or Smart-Power. It's worth it to put a little more into the PSU as a bad PSU can really ruin your day/week/month!
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