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Jun 8, 2006
  1. To make it short and simple, i've had my playstation2 for like since it came out, and afte rlike a year of use it wouldn't play dvds. I really didn't mind that since i got a dvd playre and I heard most end up not playing DVDs from my friends. Anyways, now it will only play older games. I have like 50 something games for it and it will play all of those but i recenlty bought god of war ( when it went to 20 bucks ) and also yesterday I bought GTA librety city stories for it and niether of them will work. The first time I bought god of war from gamestop and eventually after the first day of it not working brought it back and traded it in for another copy. Anyways neither worked and now im stuck with it. Plus m yfriends will bring over some of the newer games over and they will not play so basically none of the newer games will play. I went to the menu that show smemory cards and disk status too try to start from there but when i put the games in itll say reading disk for about 2 sec then not say nothing.

    So much for short and simple eh? Well if anyone knows anything about why it might not be playing newer games please post.
    Thanks for all the help - Rdrpr0 -
  2. paranoid guy

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    The exact same thing happened to me, apparently they upgraded the ps2 shortly after it came out, I'm guessing your madel is scph39000 well the upgraded ones are 39003 and so on. Sony didn't tell anyone but you will find articles on it if you google it. I bought a ps2 as soon as it came out too, within a year, I had to get another one. Pretty bad, eh? Anyway even my new one stopped playing dvd's and cd's so now I can only use it for it's original purpose.
    Sony= :evil:
  3. red reaper0

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    sadly muine wil lonly play older games though lol, thats what makes me made, not the no dvd thing : ( o well ill just wait till ps3....
  4. Sharkfood

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    Playstation 1's used to suffer from this as well. Older consoles would fail to play/read newer discs.

    More often than not, it's simply the lens/laser reader is out of alignment and can't handle certain density reads from the optical media.

    As the new slim PS2's (which also include an IR reader and network jack for online play) are down to like $129 US new, repairing old PS2's isn't usually the optimal path.

    Sometimes a faulty lens can be cleaned or adjusted... or sometimes it needs replacement. A site with tips on how to do this if you are brave enough can be found at:
  5. red reaper0

    red reaper0 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i figure since i had it for 5 years i think, from whenever it came out, il lwait to buy the new 1, i got like everything from sony : )
  6. korrupt

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    Sharkfood is right,
    Your laser is probably either dirty or out of allignment or possibly even both. Since you have had it for 5years the laser may also simply have collapsed, although this would mean it wouldnt read any games. Have you cleaned your laser before? For optimal performance it is recomended to clean everything inside your ps2 at least once a year. If you want to allign/clean your laser (technically called laser calibration) go to (laser cleaning) and for laser calibration go to (may take some time to open).

    I hope this helps,



    I do not endorse any of the websites I have shown you and will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the playstation or any other objects as a result of using the advice given there.
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