PSP wont connect to wireless network

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Hi guys
I just bought a psp today finally got it home from work about half an hour ago and i cant connect to my wireless network
Her is the basic problem:
I set up my connection and entered my wireless network key and then tried to connect. but whenever i tried to connect the system gave me an error message
So i thought that it was probably due to my wireless key so i went onto the routers configuration page and disabled the wireless encryption. i then deleted the connection and went thorugh the wizard again but i still get the same error message the message says:
"A connection error has occured
A connection to the access point could not be established
Check the security settings for the network and try again
Connection Name:Connection 1
SSID:Bazire Network"

Any help would be much appreciated as i really would love to get this to connect


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this may sound silly, but have you flicked the switch of the left hand side of the PSP? this allows a switch between ad-hoc mode and the other mode which i cant remember lol.


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OK guys you can close this topic now i am currently typing this on my psp!!!
I don't know if this will help others with the same problem but a good link to follow (well it worked for me!!!) is THIS ONE
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