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May 17, 2006
  1. OK peeps i want to buy a PSU and possibly a case for my system. I already have a cheap case and the psu came with it. I have looked through tomshardware review on PSUs.

    I intended to just buy just a psu, but if i can squeeze in a good case i might do that also.I am looking at the following site and was wondering if you guys had any thoughts and suggestions.

    I am in the UK and my budget is about £60 approx.

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Tedster

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    the PSU is most important. Buy a good one and at 30% to your energy requirement total for a cushion.

    read this article:
    (price has not bearing on PSU quality)

    also there are many power requirement calculators on the net:

    Then find a nice case. There are MANY to choose from! Just make sure it has adequate ventilation and fits your motherboard.
    good luck
  3. IBN

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    I have looked at the sites you have posted and thats my problem. There is alot of choice and i need you peeps to point and recommend me some PSUs!!

  4. IBN

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  5. CrossFire851

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    IMHO I think that enermax is the best brand you can buy.

    That there would be an oustanding psu
  6. howard_hopkinso

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    This Antec case is I believe worthy of consideration. It comes with an Antec 450watt powersupply. In case you aren`t aware, Antec make superb psu`s.

    Check it out HERE.

    Regards Howard :)
  7. IBN

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  8. DonNagual

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    It depends really. What are the specs of the rest of your system? One is a 500w the other is a 450w. Not that much of a difference in that arena, but some systems will need that extra 50w.

    I personally am using that Antec II case/psu you linked to and it is great. Highly recommend it. 450W is plenty for my needs, and Antec make great power supplies as Howard said above.

    But if I ever pick up a second 7800GT graphics card, I'm going to need a more powerful PSU.
  9. IBN

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    Thanx for the recommendation but i have bought the PSU only. Is there anyway you can check whether PSU is having an impact on the system?
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