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Oct 14, 2006
  1. Prevous discusion on Psu fan making odd noise. I finally garnered the courage to attack. Opened up PC, removed Power supply, removed the fan (Of course the Power Plug was pulled)but did not disconnect the plugs from attachments. The fan was a little dusty, and I discovered the fan was hardwired into the PSU(No plug) My dilemma? Should I try lubricating, or just cut loose and rewire a new fan into the system??? Right now it seems to run w/o the odd noise, but I did not run it too Long. Any suggestions from the wise ones?
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    There is a round sticky label on the fan, if you peel that back carefully you will see the end of the fan spindle or there may be a rubber or plastic bung that you will need to remove. sometimes putting some grease in there will help. If not, there is a little split washer (usually white) that if removed carefully will allow the fan to be removed from its casing, you can then grease the other end!!!!
  3. jimpuliti

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    Thanks Rik

    I will try the grease thing first. Right now I ran it for about ten minutes and it seemed to run smoothly w/o any strange noise. Afraid to mess with taking fan out, because I cannot detect the washer you describe. I should mention this PSU is in A POWMAX mid tower. Thanks again . will let you know. I still have my original problem , but I think this clears the Fan up .
  4. jimpuliti

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    Lube Job on PSU.

    Succesful lube job with graphite, and packed w/grease. Ran for over an hour w/o any trace of the bad sound heard b4. I now feel that my PSU is in OK shape, but I have further work to get a POST> Will keep on with the testing. By the dates I am checking in here, you can tell that I have to work up the courage to proceed.
    I put this unit together w/o any trouble,( except the failure to get my TV tuner working steadily) and it worked beautifully for 1 year and 8 months, when it suddenly won't boot up. Will continue removing items in a systematic way. Jim
  5. Rik

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    I'm glad you got your fan sorted, i have refurbed many a fan in that fashion!!!!
  6. jimpuliti

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    PSU FAn

    Rik : Thanks for your knowledge and support. Jim
  7. Rik

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    Thats ok!!! Im glad i was able to help you out!!! :)
  8. SNGX1275

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    POWMAX... Its probably toast. I've heard those things die all the time.
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