PSU in small case?

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Jun 18, 2007
  1. So, not much ago I found out my computer has a mere 200W PSU. Which frightens me because I am buying a new video card. And I know it needs alot more than 200w. I came across a very good PSU on new egg. I am asking this because I think my PSU is very small...or maybe my eyes are deceiving me.

    But I don't know if will fit in my case...


    Just for info, this is the video card.
  2. Boogityboo04

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    You might have a small form factor PSU, I have one in an old HP computer, it's only 160w. You can buy more powerful ones on Newegg, you just have to look around for the MicroATX ones. Does your computer have AGP by the way? Just making sure

    It would be nice if you would put what computer you have or the model of PSU, then we would know right away.
  3. BlindObject

    BlindObject TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 412

    Yes, it's AGP. I'm still rocking it....

    model of PSU: HP-A2027F3

    Computer is a HP Media Center PC m370n

    I found a couple of MicroATX PSU, would a 400W be able to handle the card I'm buying?
  4. Boogityboo04

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    Heh, I thought it was a HP. I may have been wrong about you PC having a MicroATX, but it sure doesnt look like a standard PSU. I'll do some more reasearch and get back to you.

    400W should be plenty by the way, as long as the PSU is from a reputable brand and has at least 22A on the 12v rail.

    EDIT: Hmm, I found something on ebay that the seller say will replace your current PSU Bestec 400W Micro ATX PSU

    Heres a search on ebay for replacements: A2027F3
  5. BlindObject

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    I found that says this.

    It's 400W

    Output: +3.3V@12A,+5V@19A,+12V@20A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@2.5A


    Also. SFX doesnt look like it, Micro looks alot more like my PSU.

    Edit: Damn it! Requirements for my card: 450w w/ 30amps on 12v

    UGHH!! I need a new case :(
  6. Boogityboo04

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    Yeah, :) a new case or just a whole new computer would go a long way. Those old HP's are really hard to upgrade or reuse. Even Dell uses standard components now but I guess HP still doesn't.

    EDIT: By the way, I think 400w would be enough for the card, because the specs listed by the manufacturer have to take into account a heavily loaded system to decrease their liability if something goes wrong. Unfortunately that PSU is not a good quality one and probably performs below spec. I'm off to sleep now, so hopefully someone else will be able to help you out on this more than I can.
  7. TimeParadoX

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    Im using my grandma's computer because I sold all my other built computers for my DX10 build coming up, it has a 550w PSU, 3.80Ghz AMD processor ( forgot name ), 7600GS 512mb AGP x8, 512mb RAM

    pretty good for a old compaq! :)
  8. BlindObject

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    New Computer? No way man. I'm buying a case, a PSU, then the card. Shouldnt be too much money. I was already going to pay ~200$ for PSU plus that card. Now I just need 50 more for a new case. I just hope all the media center plug ins in my computer fit in the new case.

    Edit: I found many bigger and cheap cases on Newegg. Just gotta spend a little more money, anywhere from 30-50 more. And it will look better. Then again, I hope all my components have a place for the new case.
  9. kpo6969

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