PSU replacement problems

By beanknotty
Jan 11, 2006
  1. My pc was hanging up at the boot screen (black forever then the start up beep sound and then into XP log in screen). At that point it had a checkered screen as if it was cut in half horizontilly and then striped vertically with alternating stripes of blue and the actual XP screen. So i opened the case and notice that my psu fan was stalled. I had upgraded the HD about 8 mos. ago and knew I should have upgraded the psu but didnt (lazy). Ok, no big deal. I ordered a new fan with larger wattage as recomended by the emachine web page. Installed new fan. Noticed that my ethernet card was backed up against my Radeon card (reducing air flow by radeon fan and making a bit of a dust bunny) so I swapped their slots for better air flow. (yes radeon card works like a champ and fan is running fine.) Pc started up great on new psu and worked fine for a full day. When pc was turned off noticed high pitched whine/tone/buzz coming from new psu. Too tired, unplugged it went to bed. This morn. back to boot up stall and checked screen. Should I send back new psu (maybe faulty?) or do i have other issues?
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    eMachine power supplies are crap. The sounds you were hearing are probably a bad capacitor. You can use any PS in eMachines. Id get an Antec or Enermax. You probably just need 300-350w. Should be under $40. But Ive worked on several eMachines where the PS failed and ruined the motherboard. On 2 of those a capacitor blew off the circuit board in the PS. Since the PC worked after replacing the PS it should be OK.
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    Will do. I will return the new psu & will search out one you recommended. I am just glad it is not my board or processor. THANKS!
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