PT800CE-A cant get audio to audio

By millsrd
Oct 31, 2006
  1. PT800CE-A motherboard, the AC97 Audio can't find the audio device, yellow quotation mark in device manager, drivers say they are the latest and greatest.
    Got half a notion motherboard is defective, but it isn't my computer, just one I put together for a young college bound neighbor girl. Has never worked, one week old, known good sound source, may have to get out the shotgun.
  2. millsrd

    millsrd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In training? 11 yrs of college, masters in electronics, worked in design lab on protyping computers for 20 yrs. First time in this group but have been in dozens of other groups, mostly like java, macromedia, apophysis, fractals, I am more hardware than software kinda guy. In fact this reply is testing software, will I see it tomarrow when I come back.
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