Puhleeeze, Hellpp!! (Display Adapter Problems )

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Jul 28, 2004
  1. Puhleeeze, Hellpp!!

    I have an older system which currently uses Wondows 98 SE. I was using Windows ME until 5 days ago, when I had a problem and called a fake technician to come in and fix it. Originally, the problem was that I received a blue screen telling me that my system halted while trying to access the "VKD" device. Later the "technician" told me that it meant "Virtual Keyboard Driver".

    Okay, he comes in and at first attempts to install Windows 2000, but the Sasser Worm virus kept being detected, which wasn't present with WinME. Anyway, he ends up installing Windows 98 SE, and now I am getting messages that tell me that there's a problem with my display settings. Either my adapter type is incorrect, or my settings do not work with my hardware. I have tried setting the colors to HIGH-Bit and 256, but after I restart the comp., it won't take. i have gone to Microsoft.com to see if I can download the drivers again, but I can't find anything. PUHLEEEEEEEZE, someone HELP!
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    You need video drivers for your video card. So figure out what video card you have and go to the manufacturer's website (or just google for the card's drivers). If you have onboard video, go to the motherboard manufacturer's site (or again google it). Download and install drivers, reboot, right click on desktop, properties, settings tab, set it to what you want, done.

    Also please try to use a more discriptive subject for your post next time, I have fixed this one for you.
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    More display adapter issues

    I finally found a direct driver match to my motherboard, now I have a problem even getting back in to the desktop. I keep getting a message telling me that they discovered new hardware but I need a VIA Win 95/98 Display driver disk in order for them to locate the software.

    Maybe this info will help...

    I have a M585LMR motherboard. The match was a VT8501. I'm not sure if that is the driver or the name of the hardware. Anyway, the only disk I have is the Win98SE. FYI, I have been downloading the dirvers into a USB external hard drive to avoid screwing up my C drive...just in case. Hope this is right. So far, I've had no luck with technicians I've paid to fix this unit.
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    Originally there should have been a CD with your motherboard, that contain the specific drivers for your PC. Find that and install the required drivers from there.
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    You don't indicate if the graphics card is built into the motherboard, if it is, the driver should be on the motherboards driver disc.
    Upgrading to w2000k would be a good bet as it has a decent set of drivers onboard but make sure that you format the hard drive if it previously reported a virus.
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