Puppy's GRUB?

By BlindObject
May 19, 2007
  1. I've been trying to Install Puppy's GRUB to my Hard Drive and it's amazingly impossible.

    Installing Puppy itself is simply, it automatically installs onto /dev/hda partition and done.

    Now, installing the GRUB is hard. I cant install it onto the same partition Puppy is installed to. I tried making a new partition that is bootable called /dev/hda2 styled Linux. Just like how puppy is isntalled.

    I ran grubconfig, and it goes well till I get to the section where it prompts where I should install it. I dont have any floppies, so I wont bother with that for now. I tried instaling it the same partition as where Puppy was installed. I didnt work.

    Then I tried MBR, that didnt work either. Both with some sort of "MOUNT ERROR"...

    I've tried alot of googles awnsers and I just dont know what to do anymore...any ideas?
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