Purchasing Video Card, Can't Decide

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Hi. This is my first time posting, so I'd appreciate it if i got some responces.

I'm planing to get a new Video Card, but i dont know what to decide:confused: . I only have a $220 limit and I want to get something decent, that would work for games. I'd choose between Raeon or Nvidia, so please tell me which video card would be best for me for $220 CAN, gaming. Please post up prices too (taxes included please).


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depends on what you want to play. $220 CAN is about $198 US dollars. I'd go with NVIDIA. I've used both Radeon and NVIDIA and radeon has had driver issues in the past where the card couldn't be used. I am sure it is cleaned up by now. NVIDIA tends to be more stable. Actually it's really a matter of preference. Both makers make outstanding cards.

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Both radeon N Nvidia are good, but Nvidia is better, they didnt win all of these awards for no reason, so go with a Nvidia one,
Thanks. I'm probibly gona get nvidia now, but I don't know which is which. Theres G-force, N-force, and sLi. I plan to play games like World of warcraft, Civilizations 4, Unreal Tornament 2007. If $220 CAN is not enough, please tell me and I'd prob save up to get it.


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If you're going with NVidia, I'd urge or a 7-series.. such as a 7600/7800/7900 series as these are the newest generation.

It's really a question of budget, and if you have the power & cooling for it.


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Well first of all, Geforce is Nvidia's series of video cards. Nforce is Motherboard chipsets and SLI is a way to run 2 Nvidia graphics cards together to increase rendering performance. A good card now is a Geforce 6800XT or a Geforce 7600GT... but for $220 CAN, AMD Radeon is better because a Radeon X1900GT or Radeon X1800GTO can be had for $220 CAN and both those cards are better than a Geforce 6800XT or a Geforce 7600GT.

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F1N3ST said:
They won high end. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16814102022 That beats the **** out of a 7600GT at the same price range, prove me wrong. Your icon is nVidia, obviously a bias..... WTF newegg got rid of the x1900GT's that were from HIS and Sapphire, GAY
nah its not about that, And it got nothin to do with me,
Nvidia is better not cuz i say so, all of these awards and 99% of the games got Nvidia on the Cover and they recommend a nvidia GFX Card,
and i didnt say ATI Was bad, i got a ATI Gfx card on my other pc,
both ATI N Nvidia good but he asked whats better and Nvidia is better

Thank You everyone, but suddenly I found the money to get a 7950 gforce... Oh well, dont critisize me for not choosing ones you posted up, but still. Thanks anyways! I'll always know that this is a pretty nice community!
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