Put Hexen, Doom and Quake in a blender and you get Dusk

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If you’ve got a knack for ‘90s first-person shooters like Doom, Hexen and Quake, you’ll want to have a look at this trailer for a new game called Dusk from New Blood Interactive.

The game is said to take place in the backwoods of the American Northeast where players wake up dangling from a meat hook. From there, they’ll encounter three campaign episodes in which they’ll take on a variety of bad guys using all sorts of weapons including shotguns, saw blades, a magical crossbow and grenade launchers, just to name a few.

As Gameranx points out, there will also be an endless mode in which you’ll fight off wave after wave of enemies.

David Szymanski, the game’s developer, tells PC Gamer that they are trying to make each level and episode stand out as best they can in an effort to avoid the confusing trial-and-error mazes and obscure puzzles that constrained so many ‘90s shooters.

Unlike most new games these days that tax your computer’s hardware to the max, Dusk looks a lot like the aforementioned first-person shooters that many of us grew up playing. There’s also a kickass soundtrack courtesy of Andrew Hulshult which you may know for his work on the Rise of the Triad remake and Brutal Doom.

Dusk is slated to arrive in 2017.

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Uncle Al

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They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery .... but I see nothing flattering about this game .... I give it a 5 star BORING!

Jerimy AG

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Totally interested, games like this one are important to support, hope to not to be into "Forever Early Access"


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Passssssssss, why would anyone bother with this game. It looks like one of those unity example games that was just sold as a finished product.


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Can't say I'm interested in the least. I guess when I play a graphical video game, the graphics are actually important to me. The first game that actually pulled me into their "world" was Half Life, prior to that I didn't feel like an actual part of the game/story and most were just time killers. This is reminds me of those. Best of luck though.
If you like Hexen, take it, put Duke Nukem, Doom and Shadow Warrior, bend it and you will get: PROJECT WARLOCK retro-styled FPS