puting windows explorer in system tray

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Nov 30, 2003
  1. Hi, as the title suggests I am wondering if any of you registry wizards out there know of a way to make the windows explorer window collapse to the system tray instead of teh task bar.

    Just a little tweak I would enjoy having...

  2. Nodsu

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    Thre is no such registry tweak AFAIK but there are many third party programs that let you minimize anything you want to system tray.
  3. Refwhett

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    hmmm oh well, it was just a thought.
    Thanks for the reply.
  4. actualtools

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    You may use Actual Title Buttons program.

    This unique tool offers extended window manipulating capabilities by means of adding new buttons to a window caption.

    Besides on-the-fly window transparency control and window roll-up \ unroll features, it allows you to minimize any window to TaskTray area instead of Taskbar and keep any window on top of others.

    Just only click on additional title buttons and Window Explorer will be minimized to systray.

    More information about Actual Title Buttons you may find at ActualTools site

    Best regards,
  5. mr_sekoseko

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    try xneat .. found at send to tray program

    it contains many features .. not only "send to tray"

    below some screenshots of it

    arranging programs in the taskbar

    adding extra features to windows
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