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Jan 11, 2008
  1. I just downloaded nTune and used it to overclock my q6600 go stepping processor, is this programme ok for overclocking? Also, i have the stock heatsink still so will it be ok, i only put it from 2.4 to 2.6, could i go any higher with just the intel heatsink installed?

    I have a Asus P5N-E motherboard.
    I have an antec900 case with all fans on medium.

    whats the highest i can have my q6600 at with the stock intel heatsink?

    Everest is saying that my q6600 temp is at 32[oc] is this a safe temp?
    And all four cores are just under 40[oc] each.

    So whats the most i can overclock my q6600 with nTune with the stock heatsink and that would be a safe speed and produce a safe temp?
  2. Cinders

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    I over clock with utilities to help identify my equipments fail points. Once I find a fail point I back off a step or two for stability. Utilities save time. Then once I have a good idea how high I’m going to be able to push my equipment I switch to BIOS changes to over clock my computers. nTune is an OK over clocking utility, but it will probably only very conservatively over clock your equipment. I know it doesn’t really work well with any of my NVIDIA based boards. I have an ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe and a DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert. Going from 2.4 to 2.6GHz should be very safe, and your current heat is low. Try to keep the heat between 50-60 at full throttle and you'll be OK. If this is your first time over clocking you have a huge amount to learn. Try reading everything you can about over clocking. Concentrate on reading over clocking material on your motherboard, and learn from other people’s experiences, so you don't reinvent the wheel.
  3. jordan.1

    jordan.1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok thanks alot for your advice. I'll read as much as i can on overclocking. Are there any good video tuts on how to overclock in bios so i get a better idea?
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I can't tell what your computer can achieve, I've gotten mine to around 3.4 GHz, but mine is limited by slow DDR2-800 memory and its speed multiplier options.
  5. jordan.1

    jordan.1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well as i only have the stoke heatsink on my mobo still, what would be a good speed to have that produces temps under 50[oc]
  6. Computer~freak~

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    well i have my core 2 E6400 sitting at 3.69 GHz on a crappy water cooling system but i say get a new heatsink not only for the sake of being able to overclock higher but it will keep your proccesor cooler and increase its life cycle. i suggest one of those giant zalman coolers that go for like $60 canadian there pretty sweet but if u dont wanna go all out then look at some reviews for coolers
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