Quake update adds classic 'Capture the Flag' mod

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In brief: It wasn't all that long ago that threewave capture the flag was a popular game mode in multiplayer first-person shooters, much like battle royale is today. Both gameplay types spawned from the modding community and thanks to Bethesda's latest update, you can relive the fun of threewave CTF all over again.

Update four for the re-released version of Quake includes the return of the legendary game mode. As Bethesda highlights, the original threewave CTF was developed by David "Zoid" Kirsch and released in October 1996. The mod was an instant hit, prompting id Software to officially add the mode to Quake II.

For the updated version of Quake, Bethesda has resurrected nine levels from the original mod including McKinley Base, McKinley Station, Spill the Blood and Gloom Castles. A number of enhancements have also been implemented such as an improved flag status display, team scoring, and improved lighting and fog effects on maps.

Bethesda additionally added four power-up runes that spawn randomly throughout the map at the beginning of each match. Their abilities are as follows:

  • Rune of Elder Magic: Regeneration - Regenerate some lost health and armor every second, up to 150
  • Rune of Hell Magic: Haste - Most weapons fire twice as fast, and nail projectile speed doubles
  • Rune of Black Magic: Strength - All weapons deal double damage
  • Rune of Earth Magic: Resistance - Take half damage from all weapons

The mod's infamous grappling hook is also back. More utility than weapon, it can be accessed via the weapon wheel or by pressing the key bound to the axe. The grappling hook is an effective tool to help navigate maps quickly and can even be used to deal damage. Advanced players can use the grappling hook to accelerate the speed of bunny hopping.

Update four is available now and requires no additional download. Quake is available at a 60 percent discount ($3.99) on Steam as part of the ongoing QuakeCon sale. The offer is valid through August 30.

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Give me Quakeworld TF, and I will suddenly have a reason to restart multiplayer Quake!

I mean, after al these years of no updates to TF2, I think this is something I need again!


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Lots of great memories playing quake CTF and grappling all over the place. Those matches could get pretty intense.


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We are STILL waiting for this on GOG. What the hell Bethesda? Got your head in your bum or what? Or is it that you can't tell your bum from a hole in the ground? Hmm?


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They really should've updated the visuals. Just a little bit. The OG Quake is just too old, even for me, and I'm old AF.