Quake2 Address Book not saving under XP

By Mudshark
Apr 29, 2004
  1. Well the subject line prety much sums it up.
    The Multiplayer Address book containing the IP addresses
    of the online servers I play on will not save.
    I need to re-enter the addresses each time I want to
    play online...... which is all the time ;)
    I know it's a old game - but I still love it. :grinthumb
    anyone know how to fix this?
  2. TheSillyBilly

    TheSillyBilly TS Rookie

    Go to the quake2 folder, then open "Baseq2" folder,then open the file "config.cfg".
    You will see this in there, set adr0 "" there should be 0-8, in between the quotation marks, type in the address of each one, then click file, then save, and whammo, you got it saved.
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