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By rosielea
Jan 18, 2007
  1. Hi everybody, hope you are all well. Deep breath, here goes. When my computer starts up and eventually gets me to the sign-on screen, when I do this, my screen goes black a few times, but eventually displays my desktop. When I want to play a game, i.e. "Warblade" it goes black a couple of times, and then displays the game ok. Someone, who knows more than me, says this is a graphics situation. Is this correct, am I worrying unnecessarily? My specs are:- Asus P4R800-V deluxe mobo, 1GB ddr ram, Invidia FX 5200 AGP 256mb, DVD re-writer, 450 PSU. Thanks to anyone who can reassure me, please note the m/c does not crash and the display is fine.
  2. klaw24

    klaw24 TS Rookie Posts: 23

    There's nothing to worry about. The screen goes blank for a few seconds because of Windows changin the screen resolution to match the requirements of specific applications. When Windows boots up, the bootscreen is shown in 640x480 8-bit color. This needs to change at logon because your desktop resolution is probably different. The same happens when you start a game. The game switches to the resolution and color depth that has been set for it.
  3. rosielea

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    Thank you. can breathe easier now.
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