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By danezal
Feb 21, 2002
  1. i am currently running the cl live! value and i want to upgrade to the audigy gamer. i have the klipsh promedia 4.1 speaker system. i was wondering if i could connect the klipsh speakers to the rear and front channels and connect the center/sub out channel to my tv and let my tv serve as my center speaker. will that work?
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    I (should) have an answer to that soon
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    Here we go;

    Can it work? Sure. Not real feasible or practical, but any amplified speaker can be used for the center channel output. A TV speaker would not be able to produce the LFE channel though. At best it would seem to be a Rube Goldberg solution that is not a viable alternative.

    With the Klipsch Promedias, he's already got a pretty good set of speakers, using a TV speaker and giving up the LFE channel it really making a good situation worse. A far more practical solution would be to configure his computer for a 4 channel output and the center channel sound will be directed to the two (better quality) front satellite channels. The LFE channel will be directed to the satellite channels and in turn to the system subwoofer, using the speaker system's crossover.

    If he absolutely must have that center channel and he can't buy a 5.1 system, attaching some sort of amplified speaker (1 channel of multimedia type system) would be a better solution than trying to use a TV speaker. But I don't think gaining a center channel is worth giving up the LFE channel.

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    thanks for input

    i really appreciate the information you have given me. i like the idea of getting a powered center speaker and i didn't know about the LFE. other than that, i won't be dissatisfied with my present setup.
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