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Question about Norton firewall.

By Cloudhigh ยท 4 replies
Feb 26, 2006
  1. I really don't now a lot about computers but I know enough. I did a complete system restore about 2 weeks ago for my comp because it had a virus in it that kept crashing windows. It also wouldn't let me into windows or safemode most of the time. Everything is fixed now and such but it has got me paranoid of the net now. :( Every now and then i get a message from norton saying that an attack on my comp has been blocked. I look at the log and it says "intrusion spybot keyloger commands" has been blocked for some of them and others it just says an intrusion on your comp has been blocked and the attackers IP address. I was wondering if this is normal for Norton firewall? It only does this every once in a while but it gets me even more paranoid.

    P.S. I have not had broadband for long time and have just started using a firewall.
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    1.Warnings from Firewalls are perfectly normal,if you`ve configured them to warn you.There
    are people trying to get into your computer all the time.It`s not personal. It`s just the internet.
    If your Firewall is working properly,it should just get on with it`s job,and not bother you.
    Zone alarm handles things much better - ZoneAlarm_Free_d388.html

    2.The keylogger commands are a bit more worrying.What anti-spyware programs are you
    using ? Run a few scans in Safe mode,with these - http://www. and others

    3.The internet is much,much better with broadband,but one advantage of
    Dial-up,is that everything happens soooo sloowly,your likely to notice
    any spyware trying to install itself.

    4.In summary :Get zone alarm,AVG anti- virus,at least three anti- spyware programs,use Firefox
    or Opera instead of Internet Explorer,and just use common sense.The End.
  3. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    I am going to have to seconde this advise. Best course of action to help keep your comptuer bug free, and also is less expensive.
  4. paranoid guy

    paranoid guy TS Rookie Posts: 420


    And please don't get paranoid. There's only room for one paranoid guy:)
  5. wlknaack

    wlknaack TS Rookie Posts: 143

    I agree that you would be better off without Symantec/Norton products. In my opinion, since you have broadband, it would be best to start by installing a router. This will give you all the firewall protection you will most likely need. If you want to control outgoing connections to the net, you can install a freeware, low overhead software firewall like Kerio.

    Please read the following thread, which contains a post of mine in which I cover this subject in more detail:
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